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All about Feeding & Nursing

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2018)


Feeding is known as the act of giving food to someone like kids, patients or other people.


Nursing is known as the professional in any health care center which focuses on care of patience, individuals, and families.  Their basic job is to provide all the facilities and care to people who are in hospitals due to some sickness or accident.

Nursing is also about breastfeeding your children, which is being done by women since the start of this world. It is kinds different in the start but then moms get used to it and can do this easily.

Nursing at Hospital

Nursing is one of the toughest jobs in the market. You will have to listen to all people, especially patients. Doing what they say and listening to their good and bad comments and following orders from doctors and many other things.  There so many things that a common nurse would never like such as

  1. Doctors who yell all the time.
  2. Giving medicines to patients who are rude.
  3. Core Measures
  4. Tangled lines and much more

Nurses are directly related to feeding patients in hospitals. They have to face different problems while feeding patients and children.  Now that, technology has come and taken place in every field, which has to make it easy for nurses to feed babies. It is up to nurses that what plan of feeding is they to choose for any patient.

Nursing: All about Breastfeeding

Feeding your children or breastfeeding is a natural thing but it really does not come naturally for in every woman. Below is the way that can teach you breastfeeding easily.

Getting Started

Women are using breastfeeding for their children since early ages, but that is not easy for every woman to start that. After all, you have need done this before. Nursing may be tough at the start but with a little effort, you can do this easily. The best time is to start it in hospitals as soon as you can, and you will not have to be discouraged. Here are few tips which can be helpful.


Holding Your Baby:

There are always different ways to hold your baby for feeding and nursing. You can lay your baby lengthwise and put your one hand on his head and other on the bottom for some support. Or you can use other methods which are easier for you to use.

New Born Meals:

Whenever baby cries after 2 hours, put him to your breast to suck milk. It does not matter if milk is coming or not in the start the way babies suck, will help you to make some milk. Each nursing session can be short or long depends on baby.

Got Milk

When babies first suck, it is not the milk they get from your breast, it is colostrums, a yellowish liquid which helps to immune baby system. Real milk comes after few days of sucking. Hungry babies can help you out with your milk problems if there is any. However, you need to call your doctor if your baby shows one of these signs mentioned below:

  • Whenever babies stop breastfeeding after 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Your baby is frequently fussy and lethargic.
  • Color is of baby skin is getting yellowish.
  • Color of your baby stools is getting dark.

Nursing Shopping List:

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There are several things you need to have in case of nursing and feeding your baby. These things will help you nursing your baby.

  • Supportive Bras for Nursing: try to find some bra with style and which don’t have underwire. They can help you with your milk production as well.
  • Lanolin for Nursing Moms: Lanolin helps to smooth sore nipples which give relaxation to any mom.
  • Nursing Pillow: These different kinds of pillows help your back and give you a good position to nursing your kid.
  • Nursing Pads: if you don’t want to have a lot of laundries to do, you need to have nursing pads with your bra as well. They catch all the leakage ad keeps your room cleans.
  • A Breast Pump: At the end, you will need a breast pump which helps you to pump up your milk productions.
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