Aspen Dental Care Provides Free Dental Checkup For Veterans

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(Last Updated On: June 27, 2017)

Aspen Dental Care Services comes up with quality, affordable care for all the veterans residing across the country. With a brilliant and generous initiative to provide free dental checkups, they started from the smaller towns to the suburbs of the city and segregated themselves to different locations to offer their services without charges. This step literally gives the doctors a great opportunity to leave an inordinate impact and major difference in the lives of patients.

Media is widely covering the genius initiative towards the health of the veterans all over the social media. Following are the points, which make Aspen Dental Care, and their doctors’ services to the community level headed.

Places: It is reported that doctors from Aspen Dental Care covered more than 450 locations across different places and cities of the United States served the veterans of the nation with all possible sorts of dental care.

Time: The event started early in the morning 9.00 am and went throughout the day until 3.00 pm. The veterans were given all the treatment possible at that point in time. The instruments and medicines were also prescribed to them.

Number of Veterans: Aspen Dental Care prepared themselves to serve more than thousands of veterans across the nation. Food, beverage, prescription, and other needful were provided during the event.

However, it is being reported that out of less than 10 million veterans of the country who have enrolled themselves for the provisions offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs, health benefit like dental care is the only care that is being functioned.

According to a survey, it is said that the sole purpose of Healthy Mouth Movement in the year 2014 was to make the people educate and help with dental checkups and care free of cost.

Treatment: People with the sore tooth, and other dental problems, these doctors from the Aspen Dental Care made sure they were provided with prescriptions and other available medicines. People who needed more attention were being asked to come over to the clinic.

The doctors when asked said that they did some fillings, some simple extractions, and prescribing right medicines accordingly. They even offered free new patient appointments and also help them get complete X-rays done and a full mouth examination. The veterans are offered almost 25 percent of discount on treatments as well, which cannot be done without charges.

Affordability: The event was conducted free of cost since the veterans feel it’s too expensive to spend money on their health issues. Aspen Dental Care coming up with this kind of event has helped many veterans understand what problems they have without spending a single penny.

With this special treatment offered to the veterans of the nation by Aspen Dental Care, who served their whole life in the betterment of the country, has gained a lot of attentions and appreciation from media all over the world. Since the cost of the health checkups is very expensive for the veterans, they keep ignoring it without consulting or seeing a doctor.

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