How to make bathing an excitement activity

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Taking bath daily can help you to fight different stress and other problems for you. This also can your body look better and relaxing, bath for children is a must do things, but most of the kids hate this activity that is why bathing you baby could be real awful and headache sometimes.

We have ideas which can make this really easy for you and your baby so both of you can enjoy this time together. But first of all, too much bathing can also harm your baby, just so you know.

How often you should bath your baby:

Bath is really not necessary if your baby is not creating much mess, crawling here and there, only a few times a week would be best for your baby to have a bath. You can just simply clean him with wipes or dry cloth most of the times. Too much bathing can also cause different body problems for your baby.

Where to Bath:

Don’t ever use kitchen sinks to give a bath to your baby, you can use any standard size bath tub for this purpose. You can use some bath and give some toys and bubbles to your bath so that he can enjoy his prime time with them.

There are different tips which can make your baby enjoy his bath time easily.

Bath time is fun:

Bath times help your baby to get to know different sense of your baby. As most if the time you baby stays snug and dry, bath time gives real refreshing chances to your baby. You need to play with your baby while giving her bathing instead of just watching him doing things. Ever seen babies laughing more in bath time rather than other day? Yes this is why they say bathing is fun for your baby. They like to get wet and play with water by moving their hands here and there.

Parent – Child Relationship

Bath times really makes a strong bond between a child and his parent, because most of the parents spend their time working or cooking and they don’t really give much time to their baby. But bath time is actually made for children; parents stay calm down and give proper attention to their children just to save them from any problem.

There are different benefits of bathing that affect your baby and his body.

Getting Clean:

Babies don’t do that messy things like older children does, but they still need a bath two to three times a week which helps them to keep cleans and healthy as well. They also need proper and regular baths which helps to clean their hairs and skin more than just being wiped with a cloth or wipes after eating or during a diaper change.

A bath can also help to check the rashes on baby’s body. You can easily see everything while bathing your baby. You can massage his body to give him better circulation.

Emotional Benefits:

A bath can become relaxing time between you and your child after some time. While bathing gives different feelings to your baby like feeling and touching. After giving him complete bath, when you wrap him in some warm cloth or towel this will give him feelings of warmness and safety.

Play Time:

After health and safety, bathing can also be a good playing time between you and your children. With the help of water and playing with him, teaches your baby different things about water as well. If you gave him some bath toys, that will teach him how to coordinate hand and eye. Baby will enjoy your singing while taking bath and expresses his love in shape of smiling over and over again.

Help against Pains:

Different researchers have shown that bathing your baby in warm water can help reduce his pain in body. Yeah that is very obvious thing that baby will not have that much pain, but sometimes due to his curdle and moving here and there he gets tired, bathing can help to calm his body. Warm water helps to reduce different pain in baby which can lead him to enjoy more and more in the other time and in bath time as well.

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