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Top 7 Bicep Training Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)

Most of the people around world are crazy about building biceps and they try every possible trick to achieve their target. You can easily find so many exercises and workout routines to succeed easily but at the same time a single mistake can make your dream so far. It is essential to be aware about most common errors observed in gym that can affect your bicep training results.

Top 7 mistakes observed in bicep training:

  1. Lacking Focus:

The biggest mistake that people do in gym training process is doing workout without focus. Make one thing clear in your mind that going to gym with so many unnecessary stuff in your mind is pointless. When you really want to improve your biceps then it is important to think about feeling them full of blood and growing bigger every day. Stay positive, stay motivated.


  1. Ignoring Triceps:

Here is one important thing to know, biceps include only 1/3 portion of your upper arm so are you careful about the rest 2/3rd too? Majority of portion in your upper arm is made up of triceps so if you want great results and effective body shape then it is essential to make efforts for growth of triceps too. When biceps are backed up with well grown triceps then they enhance overall looks.

  1. Forgetting the warm-up session:

For any kind of workout, warm up session is essential. It helps your body to be able to gain the real strength for the activity that you are going to perform ahead. When you are ready to do biceps or triceps then always follow a warm up session for about 15 to 20 reps.


  1. Combining low weights with high reps:

There is no standard thumb rule for reps because they show different impact on every body type. But for improved results, it is always essential to set an optimal range for reps and weights.


  1. Avoiding Compound exercises for biceps:

Many people are observed to do this common mistake. It is always essential to include at least one to three compound exercises with other one or two isolated ones. The most commonly preferred isolated exercises are dumbbell bicep curls and concentration curls.


  1. Improper order for bicep exercises:

The right order of exercises mean a lot for bicep growth but most of people are unaware about this fact. It is always essential to start with some big compound exercises that works for multiple muscle groups and at the same time require more concentration and energy.


  1. Not improving your routines:

Actually, the fact is that for few body types, it shows better results when people stick to specific routines whereas for others it is essential to make regular changes in routine. You need to discover what suits your body best. If you want to switch between different routines then they must be switched after a period of 4 weeks so that your body can find right time to adapt for the changes.


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