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Top 10 Benefits of Bulgarian Split Squat

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

The Bulgarian Split Squat or simply known as Split Squat is a special workout technique where person places his back foot at a raised platform. One can take assistance from a swiss ball, bar, bench, box or something like that to set proper height for back foot. This posture appears same as Static lunge where the only difference is position of back foot. One can practice this exercise without any additional workout accessory or even by using few of them like kettlebells, barbell and dumbbells.

Why you should perform Bulgarian Split Squat?

Professional recommend is as best exercise if you want to improve strength of your legs. This single exercise has potential to work effectively for several muscles of human body including calfs, hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteals. At the same time it manages great body balance with upright posture.

Below are top ten benefits of Bulgarian Split Squat:

  1. You might have heard that yoga helps to improve muscle strength in legs and buttock areas, Bulgarian Split Squat works for the same cause with added benefit towards overall balance and flexibility. It assists your body to be flexible to perform so many movements at ease.
  2. One of the major demands for most of sports and workout activities is to manage balance while keeping one leg extended from another. The Bulgarian Split Squat enhances your ability to be a part of such activities like football, gymnastic, soccer and baseball etc. You will not face an injury due to imbalance if you regularly practice split squat.
  3. Most of the squats force person to compress their spine at the time of movement but Bulgarian Split Squat does not follow this rule. Rather it helps to improve strength of your back and spine so that you can increase weight even without compressing your back during workout.
  4. There is no doubt to say that Bulgarian Split Squat helps to improve your grip.
  5. If you regularly practice split squat then it will naturally improve anabolic action in your body. This ultimately leads to great muscle building with increased production of testosterone. You will find great improvement in your body mass with routine practice of Bulgarian split squat.
  6. You will be amazed to know that this squat works like an amazing fat burner. Studies reveal that it can easily burn approximately 70 calories in a day and builds up muscles to add more strength to your body.
  7. As this squat improves overall flexibility in your body so chances of injuries are greatly reduced.
  8. This squat can work upon whole body including stomach and backside but if you are more interested to develop 6 pack abs then it is advised to practice full body exercise routine.
  9. It can improve your ability to run faster with added strength to legs.
  10. Those who keep on practice this squat in routine will never find any trouble related to back pain or knee pain. It brings real power with added flexibility in your body.
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