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Scientists recently found that Zika Virus can be prevented through a vaccine during the tenure of pregnancy in order to protect the unborn baby from any kinds of infections or birth defects due to the same. A study by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) states that certain vaccines can protect the foetus from Zika Virus.

Professors of UTMB are of the view that Zika vaccines work on the mice, and they are the first to prove the same. In fact, they are on the lookout for the vaccine for the people all across the globe. Researchers at this university have found out that two types of vaccines that can help protect the unborn babies target Zika Virus. This concludes earlier assumption, which was not proven at any of the levels. All this shows the emergence of Zika Virus soon in the picture.

Test result of medicine on mice fetuses

These two vaccines were initially tested on mice fetuses, and they were protected from contracting Zika. A test on human beings is still on the way, but it is considered that since the mice and human beings are genetically similar so the tests would prove positive in this case. All this confirms the ability of the vaccines in preventing any kinds of birth defects in human beings.

It is a well-known fact that fetuses contracting the virus are bound to be affected by the birth defects for sure, and nothing can prevent the same. However, the disease does not seem deadly to adults and affects them in a similar manner. But still a vaccine is quintessential and must be developed to protect and save the human beings from the harmful effects of this virus.

Thus, many teams across the world try to develop this vaccine as it is still in the testing mode, and it prevents all kinds of birth defects in the fetuses, including mice as well as human beings as they are genetically similar. Hence, these Zika vaccines are under development and once prepared would prove helpful and give positive results.

The testing of Zika Virus was done on the female mice before they got pregnant as they were vaccinated and then exposed to the virus during their pregnancy. They come clean regardless of the virus, and the fetuses showed no effects of any kinds of disease or birth defects.

Human Rights Watch is an organization spread across the world with its members working round the clock to protect the human rights. This organization is well known for its accurate reporting and researches on numerous subjects. It keeps on researching on various projects and publishing the reports for the welfare of the human beings as a whole.

In a nutshell, the researchers by the above university are based on the data which helps in testing the Zika vaccine’s ability to prevent any kinds of birth defects in the human beings at all costs at all points of time.


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As per a small article in the British Medical Journal, it has been claimed that a 67-year-old patient, who has not been named, had about 27 contact lenses in her eye. This came in the picture when the lady was being taken for a cataract surgery at England’s Solihull Hospital. That too because she was facing discomfort in her eyes and thought it to be because of old age and dry eyes. However, later when she got to know that there are about 27 contact lenses in her eye, she was totally shocked and dumbstruck.

Case Study by the team and the action was taken

Rupal Morjaria, UK ophthalmologist and an operating team consisting of a consultant anesthesiologist, and a consultant ophthalmologist found a bluish mass of 17 contact lenses stuck together in the woman’s eye. In fact, as per the wordings of the journal, they were bound jointly by mucus, creating a large mass in the eye. When the doctors started further examination for the cataract surgery to take place, they found 10 more contact lenses inside the same eye.

As per Rupal Morjaria, the entire team was very much shocked when they started working on the patient. This was being told by her to Optometry Today. In fact, the patient was shocked in the sense that she never felt any kind of irritation in the presence of the contact lenses in her eye and never ever noticed the same all these years along.

This could have happened as the patient was wearing disposable monthly contacts for 35 years or more. However, never ever attended regular Optometry appointments and gave them a miss all these years. As such she never visited the eye doctor during those 35 years. More so, she never ever complained of an eye problem all this time. She got to know about her situation when she has cataracts in her eyes and wanted to go in for a cataract surgery. She was shocked by the revelation by the doctors treating her who themselves found it to be a rare discovery in the field of medical science.

When the doctors working on her case removed all the 27 contact lenses from her eye, after the duration of just two weeks, she started feeling more comfortable. Her cataract surgery which was due was postponed following the risk of developing endophthalmitis. The risk of developing the same has increased manifold after the removal of the contact lenses as it is a kind of inflammation of the interior of the eye.

Rupal Morjaria’s views on the purchase and use of contact lenses

Rupal Morjaria, UK ophthalmologist was of the view that since it was very easy to purchase the contact lenses online, thus the people have become more negligent and laid back about the checkups from the eye specialists. They forget to think about risking their eyes and contracting an eye infection going forward or more so even losing their eye sight.

In a nutshell, contact lenses should not be used regularly and without the proper consultation with the deemed eye specialists. This is to save one’s eyes from all kinds of infections.


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The first and the foremost question that comes to the mind is “What is this Charlie Gard treatment Controversy?” In fact, who is this Charlie Gard? Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old terminally-ill baby who has been offered by an American specialist for the treatment. Michio Hirano is ready to fly to London, United Kingdom (UK) to give the best treatment to this child.


Brief about the controversy

He has been diagnosed with a very rare terminal disease by the name of mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS). And more so he has been kept alive by putting him on a ventilator. However, now the hospital authorities are of the view that he should be taken off the life-support system. This child is facing multiple problems, and none of the organs are working the appropriate manner thus helping him to lead his life without any kind of external support.


This is the sole reason why the doctors treating him at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London believes that he must be taken off the life-support system in order to end his suffering any further. However, the parents of the child are of the view that he must undergo a therapy trial session with Dr. Hirano in New York. So either he must be allowed to fly to US or else the specialist from US must be allowed to visit him and do the needful for the better treatment of the child.


Specialists at the London hospital feel that this therapy would only be an experiment and thus would not prove helpful for the child in any of the ways. It will rather increase his suffering. Thus, it must not be done, and the child should be taken off from the life-support system as against the wishes of the parents.


Action was taken by the parents of Charlie

As per the Charlie Gard treatment Controversy, his parents have protested in several of the UK courts. This means the case has been heard in the various courts, even in the High Court of Britain. His parents are of the view that he must be allowed to go through experimental therapy under the guidance of a specialist from the USA. However, the doctors in London, UK feel that it would not help the child, as he has no quality of life. Thus he must be given end-of-life palliative care.


The parents are desperate of the view that this therapy might improve the condition of their child and thus a nod for the same must be given. They feel that the court should give them the permission to go in for the therapy by the name of nucleoside bypass therapy. Whereas the court is in favor of the hospital authorities who feel the treatment as unjustified and no medical evidence for the success of the same is stated anywhere.


Therefore, the Charlie Gard treatment Controversy is still pending not because of the money or resources but because of what stands right for this child and his welfare as a whole. President Trump and Pope Francis have both extended offers of support to the family.


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Measles is a contagious and infectious disease. It can be prevented among the children with the help of the vaccines. This vaccine has saved many lives so far and helped the people safeguard from this infection over the last few decades. Nowadays, many children are seeing the face of the death across Europe due to this infection.

Case of an Irish boy from Italy who lost his life due to measles

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently came up with the case of a 6-year-old Irish boy from Italy, who lost his life to this deadly disease. In fact, they are blaming the parents, as they are the ones who are not immunizing their kids and making them a safe bet for this infectious disease.

This boy has been the latest victim in Europe in the last 12 months that has lost his life to this deadly disease. Italy and Romania are the worst affected countries though the government is making efforts and taking necessary precautions by vaccinating the people, especially children without fail. The reason for this occurrence could be blamed on low vaccination rates by the people who seem to take this disease very lightly.

Position about measles in Italy as a whole

Talking about Italy, 3300 cases of measles have been reported so far, and two people have even died since June 2016. Kids with cancer are more prone to such infectious diseases and must be protected in the best of the manner. This is the sole and whole reason why the public health authorities are requesting the people to vaccinate their children. This way, they would be able to protect their children from the outburst of this deadly disease.

Other affected countries by measles

It is not just Italy where measles cases are reported but various other countries like Romania, Germany, and Portugal have even reported deaths too with the occurrence of this disease. Out of the lot, Romania seems to be worst affected. Italy has made the measles vaccine mandatory for the kids going to school, thus increasing the vaccination rates and preventing the kids from getting hold of measles. Parents who fail to vaccinate their children would be severely fined. All this is done to prevent this unacceptable tragedy gripping the kids of various countries.

Though the measles has been ending in many countries due to the top-class vaccination available to prevent the same certain pockets remain uncovered. This could be because the people of the following reasons as listed below:

  • People do not understand the need to vaccinate their children as well as themselves
  • People could not get the vaccinations without any kind of bias or partiality towards them
  • People could not be protected from the disease due to some other health problems.

Thus the current need of the hour is to prevent the spread of measles by making proper and efficient use of MMR vaccines without fail. No one should be left unattended for any of the reasons, but the vaccine must be made available to all for the betterment of the society as a whole. MMR vaccines are the only way one can prevent this disease from spreading far-off places and affecting the people in the same manner.


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A good night’s sleep is quintessential for a normal human being to perform his or her daily activities without any kinds of problems. In fact, it energizes the whole body and the mind. It helps the body clear away the brain proteins. If one goes by the recent research, then poor sleep has been associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

As per the new study, lack of even one night of sleep or interrupted sleep in middle-aged adults gives way to a protein called amyloid beta, which tends to increase due to the sleep disruption. The lack of sleep for a week increases the level of another brain protein tau. It has been associated with brain damage as well as other neurological diseases in the case of the patients suffering from Alzheimer. Both these brain proteins are associated with the Alzheimer’s disease, which might later be the cause of the disease called dementia.

Opinion of Dr. David Holtzman on poor sleep

Dr. David Holtzman is of the opinion that woeful sleep is associated with higher levels of these two brain proteins, namely amyloid beta and tau that might be the cause of the Alzheimer. He later explained in a university news release that persistent inadequate sleep during the mid years of the life might increase the risk of Alzheimer in the later years of life. All these findings are published in the journal by the name of “Brain” on July 10 very recently. These findings do not just focus on Alzheimer only but upcoming dementia too, which happens to be the next piece of the puzzle before the same is completed.

Why are the Americans badly affected when it comes to sound sleep?

5 million Americans or even more than this number has been diagnosed with Alzheimer as indicated by the recent studies. More so the previous studies focused on the relationship between poor sleep and memory loss disease wherein one feel that his or her memory has been robbed for a particular period. He or she has suffered gradual memory loss and cognitive decline due to the above-mentioned reasons. No therapies can prove helpful in any of the ways by preventing, slowing or reversing the course of the disease.

Poor sleep gives way to cognitive impairment quite easily. The risk of getting such problem increases manifold without a saying. Thus one can gather from the studies that mild cognitive impairment is a warning sign and that too an early one for Alzheimer. People with sleep apnea are at a higher risk as compared to the people without the sleep disorder.

Necessity of deep sleep and aversion of slow-wave sleep

Another import aspect relating to a person’s sleep is slow-wave sleep. It is the kind of deep sleep, which makes the person taking the same get up fully refreshed and rejuvenated. Sleep apnea stops a person from achieving the stage of slow-wave sleep. Even eight hours of sleep seems pretty less for people facing this sleep disorder.

In a nutshell, Americans are generally deprived of sleep due to many of the reasons. This affects their health in a negative manner. Poor sleep increases the level of brain protein namely amyloid beta and tau that are associated with Alzheimer disease.


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As per the letter written by the United States Senator Chuck Schumer to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), snortable chocolate has its ill effects on the health of the people consuming them. The need of the hour is to investigate the health effects of the same. It is legally marketed in the form of a powder. Regulations must be made for the same.

Snortable chocolates as a product

The presence of caffeine needs to be investigated in inhalable foods like Coco Loko, a raw cocoa-based powder. In fact, it is filled with instant energy combo and marketed as a drug-free stimulant. It helps the children reach a new high and live differently. None of the parents would allow its use as it abstains from any kind of health value. Thus it is better to avoid its use as well as intake of any sort.

Children experiencing the same have been talking about the caffeinated powder for long. Not even a single parent would be fine by the thought that their kid is inhaling drugs or stimulants from their noses. When in the end, this so-called product has no health value attached to the same.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still in a fix

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet taken a decision either in favor or against the snortable chocolates. It is still in the process of determining whether it has the legal authority to regulate this product. In fact, the administration is of the view that its young creator, Nick Anderson has also done the necessary research before bringing this product to the market and making it a craze among the teenagers.

In fact, the young creator devoted two whole months and ten tries to come up with the just good enough to be acceptable kinds of the recipe for the chocolates, or so he believed. Each try lacked in some or the other area and thus was not the kind of product that he was looking for. At the eleventh try, he either got satisfactory results or else was so pissed off that he said this will do. The reason behind the same was he felt people of the United States lacked the taste buds to differentiate between the good stuff and the bad one.

More so, while coming up with his product, he never ever consulted any of the medical professionals but was of the view that Coco Loko is safe enough to be had. He took help from the product already in circulation in Europe in recent years, and this is how he developed the final product from the snortable chocolates. That was the sole reason why his product did not get any kind of negative publicity from any of the ends, and this made him stronger to move ahead with the product.

In a nutshell, these snortable chocolates made the party ecstatic and the partygoers full of energy. This energy helped them to dance away the whole night without sitting for a while or taking any kinds of breaks in between. It is thus a great product looked upon by many for its various advantages.


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As per the warning by the World Health Organization (WHO), antimicrobial resistance is giving way to gonorrhea. It seems quite difficult to treat the same at times. Health officials all across the globe are in a big fix and looking for a solution.

The disease called Gonorrhea is caused by the smart bacterium. Each time the doctors prefer to use a new set of antibiotics to combat this deadly infection, these bacteria show drug resistance. They tend to work against the disease and thus become difficult to counter them as conveyed by the World Health Organization (WHO) medical officer. In fact, the bacterium is leading to sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Effects of drug resistance

If one goes by the words of the experts the number of people getting affected by this so called sexually transmitted disease is on the rise. The total count around the world is approximately 78 million people. This disease can be seen extremely in the countries where people have low-income and cannot be treated for the same. The systems are lacking the required infrastructure and thus are incompatible to report the numbers accurately. In fact, the cases reported are just a small example relating to the disease.

The sexually transmitted infection is causing havoc to the bodies of the women by increasing the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and the problem of infertility, even the increased risk of HIV. Among the men, it can affect the genitals, rectum, and throat. Thus gonorrhea spreads from the infected partner to the healthy one making both the partners susceptible to the disease.

Drugs showing resistance in human bodies

It is evident from the records that three particular antibiotics are proving unsuccessful when it comes to the drug resistance and antimicrobial resistance from the disease. Some of the figures go as below:

  • 97% of the countries showed resistance to the antibiotic ciprofloxacin
  • 81% of the countries showed resistance to the antibiotic azithromycin
  • 66% of the countries started showing resistance to the last resort treatment.

The above-mentioned data is the result of the research collected from 77 countries during the period of 2009 to 2014. As per the World Health Organization (WHO) officials, there is an increased need to develop fresh drugs that can treat gonorrhea as soon as possible without any further delays in the process due to this reason.

Thus the new antibiotics are needed to beat this superbug called gonorrhea and fight back with all the power. The emergence of modern drugs will not be suitable for the commercial pharmaceutical companies. The present drugs and the already existing companies in the market need to capture this opportunity and make the same.

To conclude, it can be gathered from the above research that new treatment needs to be developed and must be within the reach of one and all. Drug resistance must be reduced to the maximum possible extent without a saying. In fact, it should only be used as per the need and not otherwise.


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As per the warnings by the health officials of Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), residents are warned to stay safe from flesh-eating bacteria, mostly present in water bodies throughout the state. Residents are being warned that cases of vibrio vulnificus are on the rise along Gulf Coast of the United States.

Causes of infection spread by the bacterium

The main reason behind being infected from vibrio vulnificus is the direct contact with the seawater either as a form of food or as a sporting activity or part of a profession. If one happens to eat contaminated seafood or does swimming in the seawater or else works in the seawater with the exposed wounds, then the chances of getting this infection increase to a great extent.

Thus by taking all the precautionary measures people of the state are being warned to stay away from the seawater by all possible means and not risk their lives. Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is getting calls regularly from the people going through skin infections related to seawater. At times, it is seen that people visiting the coastal regions for work or leisure fall ill once they return to their country or place of residence. They tend to do away with the infection till the time they are in the coastal region.

Thus people with wounds are being requested to wash the wound with clean water and antibacterial soap and stay away from the water till the time the wound gets healed up. Medical attention must be sought if the need is, without any further delays. Consumption of seafood must be avoided by all kinds of people, especially the ones suffering from systems with low immunity, cancer, diabetes, liver disease and chronic conditions as a whole.

Symptoms of this disease

Symptoms of vibrio vulnificus are visible within 24 hours as per the research by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and include the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea

In the current week itself, three cases of vibrio vulnificus are reported in the Gulf Coast of the United States. The sole and whole reason behind the same is the exposure of the open wounds to the seawater. Whereas so far one case has been reported in another state related to seafood consumption. People visiting the doctor within 24 hours of the infection get the much-needed treatment and become fine. This happens in almost 80% of the cases.

While fishing in the Gulf of Mexico last week, Alabama, a 70-year-old woman lost parts of her hand as well as the arm after contracting vibrio vulnificus, flesh-eating bacteria.  She first became ill after she put her hand in the bucket containing the sea animals. Within three hours, she became serious and could see her death very much.

To sum it up, vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium that is present in warm water as well as sea animals found around the coastal regions of AlabamaGulf Coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico. Hence, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) officials warn the people to stay away from the seawater to the maximum possible extent.


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Drugs are taking away the younger generation in Indiana from their future as well as lifelong dreams. Thus to treat opioid use disorder as well as curing methadone, five more healing centers have come up around the place. This was part of an expansion plan as announced on Wednesday to let the people get rid of this bad habit at the earliest.

The new centers are an addition to the already existing centers providing the necessary treatment facilities to the drug abusers. As per the words of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, they would be functional by the end of next June. Jennifer Walthall, secretary of the above association the center comes as a welcome surprise to the existing efforts by the state to get rid of opioid use disorder and methadone.

Factors affecting the selection of the location

While choosing the new locations for the centers, various factors have been taken into consideration. Some of the factors go as below:

  • Travel time for the patients
  • Areas where overdosing is suspected
  • Areas where drugs have been seized
  • Hospitals showing emergency data and records of patients

Thus, all kinds of counseling and support are provided to the drug abusers, and addicts are forced to leave this bad habit. In addition, in turn, make their lives beautiful as well as meaningful to oneself and others in the society. With the addition of the new centers, the existing centers can breathe easily and the number of addicts visiting them gets divided. This way, more attention and care can be given to the addicts.

Insurance coverage to the patients

After the following move, there would be an increase in the insurance coverage for the addicts in the opioid treatment programs. If one goes by the words of the Secretary, the patients will definitely get more options as the changes are predicted coming August. Indiana Medicaid members, as well as the Healthy Indiana Plan members, would be covered both for opioid use disorder and methadone.

Studies suggest that the people taking methadone remain in the treatment and reduce the use of opioid on their own in comparison to the patients not given any kind of treatment. Patients undergoing the treatment feel they are very much like the other people and must not be treated differently at any point in time for any of the reasons.

Gov. Eric Holcomb is of the view that the opioid use disorder, as well as treatment of methadone, should reach to the maximum people of Indiana. All people should be treated. Locations of the opioid treatment programs should be such that can be easily accessed by the patients and drug addicts. They should be within the reach of the common man or places wherein drug overdose has been reported earlier.

To sum it up, as per the words of Eric Holcomb, opioid use disorder and use of methadone in Indiana are the most challenging crisis, which must not be overlooked for the overall welfare to the people as a whole. Thus, the need of new location comes into the picture.