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Those who have lofty fitness goals know how frustrating it can be to plateau or get exhausted in the middle of a workout.

It may seem as though you will never get the pump or lift the amount that you really want, but there is no need to despair.

If you need an extra push to get you to the highest fitness levels, you may consider looking into supplements that enhance your energy and “lift” throughout a workout.

Ingredients to Look For

No supplement will be effective unless it has the best ingredients. Ingredients like Caffeine, Taurine, Tyrosine, and Yerba Mate are well-known for helping to increase energy and boosting thermogenic and anabolic effects.

By adding these ingredients, in the right amounts, of course, into an energy supplement, lifting power and strength can be supported throughout an entire workout.

You may consider looking for ingredients that increase anabolic effect a little, though these can be dangerous. Basically, the anabolic effect enhances muscle strength and growth, but also stimulates the metabolism.

This is what provides you with the kick or energy that you feel when energy-enhancing supplements are used. The danger comes when the anabolic effect is increased too much or you use it for prolonged periods. For this reason, a lot of supplements that use certain ingredients are cycled or not as potent as possible.

Utilizing these effects can also help to increase the energy you have after you’ve stopped working out because the body is still processing and working at a higher rate. So, if you see any supplements that advertise a “wider anabolic window,” they basically mean that they are giving your body more energy for longer periods of time.

Innovative Supplements

As research has looked into what makes us tick and work at our highest levels, it has found that HGH, or the Human Growth Hormone, is among those that have recently been linked to more energy and vitality.

Though HGH is often spoken of in relation to growing kids and older individuals who produce lower levels of it, there is also a use for those that are looking to enhance their energy as they work out.

HGH is produced within the first few hours of sleep by the pituitary gland, and this allows for a lot of regular functions to take place. It also enables you to stay alert and energized throughout the day and can help you increase your lifting power.

Sleep is one of the best ways to enhance HGH naturally, but there are other supplementation options as well. For example, some look to food sources to supplement HGH because it is usually higher in those with good eating habits and regular exercise regimens. Others look to hormone releasers.

These work with the pituitary gland to release greater amounts of HGH than would normally be allowed by the body. As is the case with all types of supplements, there are those that work and those that are just after your money. To avoid the bad and find the good, it is best to look into supplements like Clen-Xdv that clearly list ingredients, side effects, and general information.

All of that information is listed in reviews. For example, Clen-Xdv looks at all the important aspects of Clen-Xdv and makes recommendations for those who are looking for HGH help.

As you supplement energy in innovative ways, you may find that you can lift more and sustain longer workouts than you have with other supplements.


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Nitric oxide supplements otherwise referred to as (NO) are compounds with various chemicals and which have been looked down upon because of the contributions that it has made to pollution. Pollution that has been worsened because of the fossil fuels leaking out from engines and power plants. Nitric oxide has been considerably one of the sources of significant pollution. Nitric oxide was also the center of the Nobel Prize that was awarded in the late 1900’s, then called the “molecule of the year,” for all of the progress that it had made as a chemical compound.

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Nitric Oxide Benefits:

There are a lot of advantages for the body that come along with this supplement, which is why so many body builders and men have turned to it to for the natural nitric oxide benefitsNitric oxide supplements benefit the cardiovascular system by dilating blood vessels and increasing the body’s overall blood circulation. As this blood flow continues to progress and circulate then the nitric oxide supplements prevent the body from clotting in and around the heart or on the walls of the arteries.

Nitric oxide supplements also improve the organs and tissues within the body. And it is created naturally. The amount that is produced within the body is not great enough to affect the body in obvious ways, which is why nitric oxide has been compounded into a supplement for further effectiveness. Because the substance further increases the blood flow throughout the body it’s necessary for bodybuilders and dedicated athletes to induce into their body due to the excessive amount of weightlifting and endurance training they take part in. While the supplement increases the blood flow, the blood then delivers a great amount of oxygen to your muscles. When there is more oxygen being delivered to your muscles then the pain that is felt throughout the workout will only reduce; as well as the fatigue that comes along with excessive training. All in all, nitric oxide supplements make it a bit easier for bodybuilders to get through a workout and do so efficiently without experiencing the pain that comes along with it.

As the substance reduces the amount of fatigue that is felt throughout the body, it also increases the amount of force that being put forward while the weights are being lifted and feeling in the muscles afterwards. It donates a lot of it’s time to improving the muscles as a whole by decreasing recovery time that is needed in-between the interval and lifting sessions. The nitric oxide supplement is a necessity when it comes to athletes and their endurance training because it is also beneficial to their overall health.

Nitric helps to rid the body of unsatisfactory bacteria that can cause it to break down after so much stress on the muscles. The supplement defends the body from viral infections, tumors, any sort of bacteria and cancer cells that are a threat to the body. Although there’s a great deal of nutrients in the food that is often digested into the body, at times it’s not enough for an individual who is pushing their limits and obtaining greater heights. The nitric oxide supplement can aide an athlete in staying healthy before a big event or relieve them of pain afterwards. Trying out the nitric oxide supplement may further an athlete or body builder in the amount of weight that they lift, the quality of their workout and the healing process of their muscles afterwards.

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Nitric Oxide Supplements and Bodybuilding:

If you are an athlete or a body builder, then you are aware that the time of recovery time of your muscles is essential in gaining size and density. The supplement will not only help your muscles recover due to the increase in oxygen flow, but it has been said that the digestion of nitric will actually improve the activity that is taking place in your brain. Mental clarity will begin to settle in and your level of focus will increase; you will remember things quickly and clearly. The body does most of it’s healing after you have consumed calories and as sleep- the nitric oxide supplements enables the body to rest, it will not affect the level of sleep that you get with each night. Not only will the supplement help you to gain muscles, but it will boost your immune system and is considerably one of the best nitric oxide supplements to take as a dedicated or professional athlete.

What Should Be Considered Before Taking Nitric Oxide:

The reason why the NO supplement has become so popular in the market is due to the major benefits that it has contributed to athletes in every field. It will steadily increase the amount of energy while circulating the blood in a way that is contributive. There are certain things that should be considered before an individual think about purchasing and ingesting nitric oxide supplements.


  • Your age is a factor in determining how much you should take and how it’s going to affect your body. The natural synthesis of oxide will decrease over time, which is why you will have to take a great amount of the supplement as you age. Those who are over the age of 40 consider taking the supplement due to the loss of energy that may come along with increased weight lifting. It’s common that physicians prescribe the supplement.
  • Take a look at the current status of your health. If you are an individual that may suffer from extreme physical health conditions, then you may want to consult a physician before taking further action with the nitric oxide supplement. There are certain side effects that may affect you as your body begins to alter, which is why you should tell your doctor about what you planning on doing with the physical conditioning and training of your body.
  • What type of diet do you practice? If your diet is very strict, then note that the nitric oxide supplement may cause a disruption throughout your body and in relevance to your appetite. One of the common effects or impact of nitric is that it turns cholesterol into a stored energy that is used by your body as you take part in your workout and weight lifting. If your diet is very strict then the side effects may include feeling nauseous or weakness. Inhibiting enough cholesterol and enough protein will keep you from being affected by nausea.
  • Make sure that before you invest your money in a nitric oxide supplement that you look into the brand that is being advertised. There are many phony brands of the supplement that will not work correctly within your body. Make sure that the level of potency within the supplement is valid and strong enough to provide you with supplementary needs.


It’s very important for those considering nitric oxide supplements to acknowledge the side effects. To prevent these, it’s best that you consume foods and drinks that contain a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates.

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Nitric Oxide benefits are proven to be great when it comes to your heart health.

Nitric Oxide is a molecule produced by your blood vessels and has proven to be a critical part of maintaining proper blood flow. Everyone needs to keep their circulation strong in order to prevent strokes and/or heart attacks. Nitric oxide is a key element to help keep the circulation by maintaining the proper blood flow. When we get older, our body starts to make changes that affect us by causing such things as high blood pressure, heart disease, erectile dysfunction and our energy becomes greatly reduced. These are all factors that happen to us as we start to get older.

It has been discovered that those who are forty years old or older need to increase their Nitric Oxide level. This can be done safely and naturally to improve your health by taking Nitric Oxide supplements. You should make sure that you are taking the Nitric oxide at the recommended dose. You do not want to take more than required because of the danger that can happen to your body. The right amount of Nitric oxide benefits your body in many different ways. Those who are over forty may want to start taking their supplements daily.

Nitro Oxide is a natural form of gas that your body produces at a safe level. Nitric Oxide is one of the most important things that you can do to maintain a healthy body. You know that the Nitric Oxide is working because you will feel better after the first time you take a supplement. Scientists had not recognized the importance of Nitric Oxide benefits until the 1980’s but afterwards more time has been spent studying the effects of this supplement. It has been discovered that it is very important in maintaining good heart health.

Some of the nitric oxide benefits

Nitric Oxide benefits have been discovered to help the circulation of your blood. Nitric oxide benefits other organs in the body such as your stomach, lungs, kidneys, brain, etc. and it helps your immune system fight off infectious diseases that are caused by bacteria. It has been very useful in helping to fight off things like tumors, virus, and parasites. Since it helps to dilate the blood vessels, it has been a major preventer of erectile dysfunction in men.

Nitric Oxide is important in helping your body to heal from abrasions, cuts, wounds, and muscle and ligament injury. Those people who suffer from hardening of the arteries have found that Nitric Oxide has been a great help to relieve the problem. It is a known factor that it carries messages to the nerve cells helping some essential processes like memory and learning to improve.

Nitric oxide benefits in bodybuilding

Nitric oxide has proven that it has many benefits to help the body and the mind. Bodybuilders because of its ability to help build muscles have accepted Nitric Oxide. It sends nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, which is needed to help gain more muscle mass. The stronger muscle mass means, that the bodybuilders have a stronger and firmer muscle. Since the muscles are under extreme stress while the bodybuilder is working out Nitric Oxide benefits the relieve of the inflammation and reduces the pain that is incurred during workouts.

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Nitric Oxide Side Effects That You Must Know

Those who take nitric oxide are aware of the benefits and that is why they use it. There are nitric oxide side effects that are undesirable, which you should be made aware of before you decide to take it. When you take nitric oxide, your body needs to get used to the smaller side effects. When the body adjusts, then there will not be any problems. The big problem arises for those who are careless while taking nitric oxide. A person must realize that being careless with nitric oxide could result in damage to the body.

The most common side effect for those who take nitric oxide is headaches and nausea. In some cases, you may even get extreme with fatigue, weakness, and diarrhea. When your body adjusts to the supplements, then you will not feel any of those symptoms. In some extreme cases, people have fainted after taking their first dose of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide side effects could cause discomfort in the form of a rapid heart rate and palpitations. It is common for a person to suffer from dry mouth, skin irritation, and water retention for about two weeks. These are the extreme side effects but the ending results usually make it worth taking.

Many people who use nitric oxide have very little side effects and enjoy the benefits from the start. The nitric oxide side effects usually vary and depend on a person’s body weight and health. When you know that you do have heart problems, you should not take nitric oxide. If you are prone to be anemic, then you will feel a much larger case of fatigue and severe weakness while you are taking nitric oxide. It is up to the individual person to determine if he wants to take the risks involved while taking nitric oxide. Even though it is becoming more common among body builders, the average person should consult the physician before taking nitric oxide supplements.

Most Dangerous Nitric oxide side Effects

When you take large, doses of nitric oxide, there are some dangerous side effects that you should be made aware of. Large doses of nitric oxide can cause a person to have asthma attacks, breathing problems, and wheezing. You feel like you’re going to suffocate because your breathing is blocked. You can start a constant pattern of vomiting, which is serious if you lose weight too quickly and cannot stop the process. In some cases, reports of getting the hives and constant itching are predominant. Nitric oxide users may find that they get severe cases of sweating along with tremors. Users of nitric oxide may suffer these severe side effects.

The most severe nitric oxide side effects come from the fact that your body is producing a high content, which leads to blood poisoning. The blood pressure drops below the normal area and this could lead to a person’s death. There is very little chance of these things happening to a person if the correct dosage is taken.


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If you want to improve your workout, you should consider choosing supplements that is appropriate for your age. Not only that it will speed up the process of muscle mass growth, but muscle building supplements for men over 50 will also ensure you that your health is not compromised while you are trying to grow some muscles. Here are the following tips to get the most out of these supplements.


Always read the label

First thing that you should consider is reading the label of muscle building supplements for men over 50. It will give you an idea as to what the supplement consists and how it can help you.

You should find the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need in the label. But if you think that it’s too good to be true, you might want to check the legitimacy of the product. Make sure it’s FDA-approved and as much as possible, buy from registered and licensed drugstores in your local area. There are some fraud sellers online that will sell harmful chemicals in a lower price, promising you a great effect on muscle building.


Always follow the instructions

It is also important that you follow the directions of taking muscle building supplements for men over 50. You can have better effects if you tend to follow the recommended amount of capsules or liquid to take every day. Do not ever think that the more supplements you take, the more effective it would be.

Always take your age into consideration. These supplements are specifically designed for men over 50 years old. Therefore, it must be taken with proper precaution.


Always read the reviews and feedbacks about the product

Reviews about muscle building supplements for men over 50 will give you an idea on how effective the product is or what the product contains. Always opt for supplements that had gathered great feedbacks and more positive reviews from its past customers because if they found it effective, then you should experience the same too.

These reviews will also serve as a warning if the product is not reliable, harmful, or ineffective. Therefore, do not skip reading the reviews, product details and description, and feedbacks about the supplements you are about to buy.


Check the legitimacy of the seller

Lastly, you should check the legitimacy of seller especially if you are going to buy it online. For all you know they could be pulling off fake supplements in the market. Be mindful in buying supplements because you are going to ingest it. Make sure that the seller is certified, registered, and trusted before you proceed to check-out.


To sum it all, taking the muscle building supplements for men over 50 can help you achieve satisfactory results and make the most out of it. Taking supplements is part of growing muscles, but you should do it with precaution especially when it comes to choosing the products that you are going to buy if you want to achieve mass muscle growth.


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Aside from proper discipline, right diet, and exercise, in order for you to have an effective muscle mass growth; you should consider taking some supplements. These supplements will help in providing the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that your body needs in order to improve your workout. Important supplements for muscle mass growth should contain the following:

Protein powder

You know too well how important protein is in order to successfully grow some muscle. While you can have protein in your diet, it cannot be denied that it can’t fill the gaps of protein that you body needs. Important supplements for muscle mass growth contain protein powder in order to make sure that you have enough nutrients for your body development and growth. In order to encourage yourself to take your supplements every day, you should choose supplements that you enjoy the taste.


What could be one of the most important supplements for muscle mass growth is the multivitamins. In order to make sure that your body will function accordingly, even after strenuous workouts, the multivitamins can provide and combat any deficiency in your body. It also affects your overall performance and it can improve your health.

Since it’s going to mainly focus in your performance and workout, you should make sure that you don’t buy cheap supplements. Purchase multivitamins in registered drugstores and as much as possible; opt for a brand that had been long used by many. Choose a brand that you can trust because your endurance, health, and performance will be largely dependent in the multivitamins that you are taking.


Minerals helps in tissue recovery, therefore you should also consider taking one. Minerals are also responsible to the stable and balance level of hormones in your body, so make sure that you choose the right minerals for you. It is considered as one of the important supplements for muscle mass growth because it repairs torn tissues and speeds up the recovery.

It is very ideal for bodybuilders who are trying to maintain a strenuous and intensive workout. So make sure that you also include it in the list of supplements that you are about to buy.

Fish oil

Aside from tuna, you can also gain omega-3 fatty acids from the fish oil. This fish oil should contain both the DHA and EPA. Your body needs some good fats, and you can only have it through taking fish oil.

There are various fish oil products that you can choose from. And as what we have mentioned above, you should also make sure that you buy from a reputable seller and refrain from buying in unreliable sellers, especially stores that had not been yet registered.

To sum it all, important supplements for muscle mass growth includes protein, minerals, multivitamins, and fish oil. As much as possible, you should provide your body with these supplements and you’ll see the difference. The big muscles after a few weeks will speak for you, so start looking for supplements now.


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So you want to grow some muscles, huh? You know too well that aside from discipline, proper exercise, and right diet, you should also consider taking some extreme muscle growth supplements. Contrary to the popular misconception, these supplements are not designed to speed up the process of growing some muscles. Instead, it provides the nutrients that you need in order to properly grow healthy muscles. Here are the following benefits of taking muscles growth supplements that you should consider:

It helps improving your athletic performance

The main purpose of extreme muscle growth supplements is to improve your endurance and do better in any athletic performance that you will have. Of course, you will most likely spend most of your time in doing workouts in order to grow your muscles. These supplements can help you to further improve athletic performance and help you to grow some good muscles as a result.

It helps improving the strength of the muscle

Extreme muscle growth supplements are also great in improving your muscle strength. These supplements contain ingredients that are beneficial for a bodybuilder who is trying to grow some muscles by strengthening it first. Combine it with resistance training and you will most likely see the difference after a few weeks or so. These supplements will support you in any activities that can further boost your muscle strength.

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Improves blood flow

Proper circulation of blood in your body is also important. That is why you should consider taking some extreme muscle growth supplements as it can help your blood to circulate properly in your body. In that way, all parts of your body are provided with the nutrients and oxygen they need that can further support your muscle growth.

It improves the burning of fat

One good thing about extreme muscle growth supplements is that it can also help in improving the fat burning in your body. Fat oxidation can improve your muscle growth and can help you especially in hard training sessions. Amino acids are present in these supplements as well.

Improves your mood

There are some bodybuilders who gave up in the middle of the training because of the lack of motivation. Therefore, you should consider taking some supplements if you feel like you are close to giving up already. It can help you improve your mood before the training, so that you can do better in working out and ensure that you will be able to have proper training sessions until you can achieve your goal.

Of course, working out is a lifetime commitment. You can’t just stop when you’ve achieve your goal. You have to maintain it somehow, so why not enjoy the benefits of taking muscle growth supplements then?

These are just some of the benefits of taking extreme muscle growth supplements. It can help you to have a better training and ensure that you are able to grow some healthy muscles. It’s a great way of starting a new healthy lifestyle.


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If you are going to buy herbal testosterone supplements, you should know how to separate fake supplements from the legit products. There are fake products in the market here and there. You are risking your health by taking fake supplements so here are the following tips that can help you determine a fake herbal supplement.


Conduct a research

The first thing that you should consider is the company name. If it seems unfamiliar, you should conduct an in-depth background research in order to make sure that it’s legitimate. In your research, you will most likely encounter some reviews and feedbacks about the company. These reviews will give you an idea on what the company is all about or how effective the product could be.

You may visit the LabDoor as it rates various herbal testosterone supplements. If the product name wouldn’t appear on the list, you should start looking for something else and not risk it anymore.


Inspect the label properly

One effective way to determine the legitimacy of the herbal testosterone supplements is to inspect the label properly. You could compare it to other herbal supplements and see if there are differences. You should be wary of supplements that have a lot of unfamiliar ingredients that you’ve never heard of before. That’s a great indication that the product is not authentic and it came from an inferior brand.

You could also check the logos and holograms of the brand, as well as the MRP stickers. Serial number is an indication that the product is authentic, so make sure you also look for it.


Watch out for some components

Aside from avoiding the ingredients that you haven’t really heard of in herbal testosterone supplements, you should also watch out for some ingredients such as glycine and taurine because your body will naturally generate it for you. If the supplements have listed these ingredients, you should not buy it because taking too much can pose a serious threat to your health. Manufacturers tend to sell these kinds of products in order to generate large amount of profit without spending much.


List the ingredients that you need

Since you are looking for herbal testosterone supplements, the ingredients would be most likely based on the herbs and natural ingredients. List down all the components that you wanted to have in your supplement, and stick to it. Taking too much will not do any good to your body; instead it can only harm you along the way.

Aside from that, you should seek for approval from experts. The attendant should be knowledgeable about the product they are selling, so that you can ask them questions before you proceed to check-out.

Now that you know how to determine a fake herbal testosterone supplement from a legitimate product, rest assured that with proper diet and regular exercise, you will be able to achieve your goal in growing some muscles. All it takes is discipline and knowledge to get the most out of taking supplements.


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In order to properly build some muscles, you need to take some time and great effort. Combining regular exercise, discipline, and healthy diet is the key. However, you should also consider taking some organic muscle building supplements to complete the process. Here are the following factors to consider in buying supplements that can help support your muscle growth.

Consider your fitness goal

First things first, you should consider your fitness goal. Sure enough, you want to gain some weight and muscles. Therefore, you should opt for organic muscle building supplements that contain more protein powders that provide calories to your body.

The supplements that you will choose will largely depend on your fitness goal. Of course, it works the opposite if you want to lose some weight because you will choose the protein supplements instead.

Learn about the type of proteins

You should get to know the kind of proteins that you need as it can help you choose the right organic muscle building supplements that you should take. It includes the whey concentrate that consumes up to 80% of the product. It is ideal for mass gaining. Protein blends, on the other hands, offers a wide variety of absorption rates and proteinsin order to provide an improved anabolic environment that your body needs.

Stick within your budget range

The cost will also take into consideration. You might want to choose products that are within your budget range only. But legit and organic muscle building supplements aren’t cheap, so be realistic.

If you had found the product that suits you the best, you should consider buying in bulk as it can help you save money in the long run. Plus, the seller may even give you some discount for your bulk orders.

You should also consider buying supplements that contains more vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that your body needs to make every cent of your investment worth it.

Time and way of usage

There are some preworkout supplements that are specifically designed for you to take before starting your workout and there are some organic muscle building supplements that you can take after the workout. On the other hand, there are some supplements that will serve as meal replacements. These absorbed supplements will provide the nutrients that your body needs that food can provide.

You should also consider as to how you would like to take the product. There are some people who prefer mixing it with their water or milk, and there are some who add the supplements into their recipes. Choose an organic muscle building supplements with flavors that you enjoy the most.

Now that you know the factors that you need to consider when it comes to buying organic muscle building supplements, rest assured that you are to make the most out of it. Choosing the right supplements for you will provide you the best results of your workout and you will eventually see the difference of your muscle growth.


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Doing all the exercise like push up or carrying those heavy barbells may increase your muscle size but not to the extent that the best muscle building supplements for men can give you. So if you are aspiring to have that incredible hulk body, you must be aware of these supplements that can help you achieve your goal. There are lots of these products in the market nowadays claiming that they can provide you better result. While laboratory testing proves that they can help somehow, you only want the best, right? Here are some of these supplements:


  • Creatine. This is considered as the most tested and proven supplement today that can increase your body mass, strength, improve energy levels and augment your muscle size. It is widely used by athletes around the globe. It also helps in burning fat making you develop muscles better. Creatine is one of the best muscle building supplements for men that are guaranteed to assist you in your objective, and if coupled with proper lifestyle like appropriate diet and daily exercise, surely you will succeed.
  • Fish Oil. When it comes to your over-all health, you can count on fish oil. This helps lessen inflammation that will lead to quicker muscle recovery. Omega-3 is the main element of this supplement that helps produce protein better. It is also good for your heart. A strong heart means a stronger you.
  • Whey. The leucine content of whey is the main amino acid in stimulating the protein synthesis for muscle building. Compared to other protein powder, whey has a slim advantage because it is digested fast making you feel an immediate result in your body. This will also provide an excellent result if used together with casein powder making it one of the best muscle building supplements for men
  • Beta-Alanine. When dealing with muscle fatigue, carnosine is the element that you can count on. It helps in muscle’s endurance especially when undergoing extreme exercise or workout. You will not achieve your goal if in just a few minutes you are already feeling tired and losing strength. That is why taking Beta-Alanine will help you carry on. This supplement has also been proven to increase body mass and enhance the fiber synthesis of the muscle. This is also a good combination with Creatine that will result to more body fats being burned.


These are just some of the enhancements that can help you achieve the muscle size you’ve been dreaming on. Asking advice from the health professionals is also a good idea especially if it is your first time. It is also important to remember that the best muscle building supplements for men are guaranteed to provide you the best result if you will couple it with self-discipline and being responsible with the lifestyle that you choose. No matter how effective these supplements may be, if taking it is the only thing that you do, then you will not still achieve your goal. You must work hard and be ready to drop a lot of sweat.


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If you’re trying to get in shape for the summer, you’ll know how tough the entire process can be and will be looking for all of the help you can get. It doesn’t matter whether you want to burn fat, increase your muscle mass, get a little bigger and stronger, or perhaps even a combination of all of the above, you may have looked into the possibilities of using supplements to help you reach your goals. One product that has been turning heads lately for all of the right reasons, is Clen XDV, and it is this product which we’ll be looking at below. Here we’ll be providing you with a detailed guide on Clen XDV, to help you decide whether this is the product to help get you ripped and more shredded than ever.


What is Clen XDV? – Clen XDV is a revolutionary new health supplement designed to help people burn fat and increase their lean muscle mass. The product contains a series of potent and highly anabolic ingredients, including deer antler velvet. The supplement consists of bulking and cutting phases so you can build muscle before chiselling away at your body fat in order to reveal a lean and muscular physique. It’s name is derived from the potent and powerful clenbuterol anabolic steroid, which works by burning fat like nothing you will have seen before. The great thing about Clen XDV is the fact that it is legal, it is completely safe, and it is just as effective as Clenbuterol, if not more so. Some of the key benefits associated with this product include:


  • Burns fat
  • Builds muscle
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Increases energy
  • Enhances libido in both men and women
  • Reduces the signs and symptoms of aging
  • Helps strengthen and protect the joints
  • Natural and safe alternative to anabolic steroids and HGH


What’s in it and how does it work? – Clen XDV works primarily due to the fact that it contains deer antler velvet, which is proven to speed up the metabolism whilst assisting with the building and preservation of lean muscle mass. Its other primary ingredients include:


DHEA – DHEA, or Dehydroepiandosterone, is actually found naturally in the wild. It is highly anabolic due to the fact that it assists with the production and secretion of natural testosterone within the body.


Tribulus terrestris – Another very anabolic ingredient in this product is tribulus terrestris. Tribulus is arguably the most popular natural testosterone booster on the market, so again, your testosterone levels will be through the roof when using this product.


Deer antler velvet – Arguably the star of the show is deer antler velvet. This ingredient is enriched with human-like growth factor, very similar to HGH, which increases muscular recovery, muscle growth, strength, energy, and athletic performance.


Magnesium stearate – This ingredient boosts immunity and speeds up recovery time following a workout.


Calcium carbonate – Calcium carbonate has been found to increase bone density and bone health in general. It also increases the rate in which your body can absorb other ingredients and nutrients.


Does it work? – Absolutely, Clen XDV is one of the most popular natural supplements currently on the market and we can easily see why. It is safe, simple to use, it builds muscle, burns fat, boosts libido, increases energy levels, and much more besides. If you’re looking to get in shape, Clen XDV is ideal.

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