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Interesting Facts About Charlie Gard Treatment Controversy

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

The first and the foremost question that comes to the mind is “What is this Charlie Gard treatment Controversy?” In fact, who is this Charlie Gard? Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old terminally-ill baby who has been offered by an American specialist for the treatment. Michio Hirano is ready to fly to London, United Kingdom (UK) to give the best treatment to this child.


Brief about the controversy

He has been diagnosed with a very rare terminal disease by the name of mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS). And more so he has been kept alive by putting him on a ventilator. However, now the hospital authorities are of the view that he should be taken off the life-support system. This child is facing multiple problems, and none of the organs are working the appropriate manner thus helping him to lead his life without any kind of external support.


This is the sole reason why the doctors treating him at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London believes that he must be taken off the life-support system in order to end his suffering any further. However, the parents of the child are of the view that he must undergo a therapy trial session with Dr. Hirano in New York. So either he must be allowed to fly to US or else the specialist from US must be allowed to visit him and do the needful for the better treatment of the child.


Specialists at the London hospital feel that this therapy would only be an experiment and thus would not prove helpful for the child in any of the ways. It will rather increase his suffering. Thus, it must not be done, and the child should be taken off from the life-support system as against the wishes of the parents.


Action was taken by the parents of Charlie

As per the Charlie Gard treatment Controversy, his parents have protested in several of the UK courts. This means the case has been heard in the various courts, even in the High Court of Britain. His parents are of the view that he must be allowed to go through experimental therapy under the guidance of a specialist from the USA. However, the doctors in London, UK feel that it would not help the child, as he has no quality of life. Thus he must be given end-of-life palliative care.


The parents are desperate of the view that this therapy might improve the condition of their child and thus a nod for the same must be given. They feel that the court should give them the permission to go in for the therapy by the name of nucleoside bypass therapy. Whereas the court is in favor of the hospital authorities who feel the treatment as unjustified and no medical evidence for the success of the same is stated anywhere.


Therefore, the Charlie Gard treatment Controversy is still pending not because of the money or resources but because of what stands right for this child and his welfare as a whole. President Trump and Pope Francis have both extended offers of support to the family.



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