Coconut Oil Increases Cholesterol – Alarming Verdicts Put Forth By AHA

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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

The recent survey and studies carried forward by the health experts have stated Coconut Oil as a bad saturated fat. Most of the American people stated it to be excellent oil fit for usage in the meals. However, the recent reports from the American Heart Association (AHA) have revealed that the coconut oil is not good for the health. The reports revealed the saturated fat to be around 82% that has an alarming rate. This is the main cause of increased Cholesterol level in the people of America.

Effect on Human Health

The AHA has presented reports that the fatty saturated oils block the arteries that lead to the problem of a heart attack. The blood Cholesterol also increases with the consumption of coconut oil that can lead to many more diseases. Most of the nutritionists have provided proven statements in leading American daily about the danger of the Coconut oil consumption. The trials done by the experienced dieticians from the Cardiovascular Councils have revealed the shocking effects of usage of coconut oil on the human health:

  • Clogging of Arteries: The Coconut Oil is regarded as the LDL or bad saturated fat that leads to heart stroke. It clogs the arteries and increases the risk of heart disease in most of the people. The higher level of saturated fat proves bad for human health.
  • Rated as LDL Cholesterol: The Coconut Oil increases fatty stuff in the body. The American Heart Association and other advisory councils have come out with whopping 82% of the saturated fat present in the oil. This leads to heart diseases.
  • Compared with Butter and Animal Fat: The American Cardiovascular Councils have made the comparison of the Coconut Oil with fat contained in butter and the beef or pork. These products also carry a high amount of saturated fat nearly 60% that is evidently dangerous for the human heart health and leads to increased Cholesterol
  • Compared with Other Cooking Oils: The Coconut Oil, when compared with other oils like the Olive Oil, and Canola Oil, found to be hazardous for consumption. The Americans are already suffering from the clogged arteries, obesity, heart diseases and risk of stroke. This has led to further research by the Dietary and Cardiovascular Councils, Heart Associations, etc. They have compared these cooking oils, and found that Coconut Oil is not much healthy for human heart health. The more intake of the coconut oil will raise the risk of heart attacks in a near future.

In closing, the maintenance of heart health enables the long life. However, one should keep an eye on the cooking oils they use for the cooking purpose. Initially, the healthy usage of coconut oil was taken into consideration. The deep research and study removed misconceptions that made it easier for the people to know about its LDL level and after effects on health.

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