Deadly Impact Of Neonicotinoid Poison On The Growth Of Honeybees

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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

As per the study released on this Thursday, neonicotinoid or neonics for short is the kind of pesticides found in the areas of agriculture, which not only kill the bees but make them non-reproductive in the coming years. They lose their ability to reproduce and thus multiply in great numbers.

Use of Toxic Chemicals in the agriculture sector and its impact 

In the present times, if ones go by the two different studies, one, which existed in Canada, and the other one related to the United Kingdom, Germany, and Hungary, focused on the honeybees and associated species. These extensive studies indicated the use of chemicals related to agriculture and their direct impact on the honeybees in the current times.

These honeybees are the major carriers of seeds of the crops like almonds, watermelons, and apples. In fact, the studies suggest that the human beings look up to the honeybees for pollinating such crops whereas the honeybees are least interested in the practices related to agriculture being carried out by the human beings. Thus, it is observed that their relationship is inverse to each other and does not match at any point of time.

Different studies on neonicotinoid

As per the studies, neonicotinoid is very much poisonous for the honeybees and even its meager use is harmful to the species as a whole and makes them run away from the humans. This is the result generated by large-scale as well as small-scale studies in the field of agriculture.

The use of such pesticides is still a big suspense to the scientists studying the impact of the same on the crops before they planted and affect the honeybees too. Scientists all over the world are studying the impact of neonicotinoid on the bees and in their daily lives.

The overall situation in the laboratory where they tested is completely different from the fields where they are put into the crops and in turn affect the honeybees. All this seems to be a major question in front of the scientists and demand their time as well as attention before it gets too late.

The most important question that comes to the mind is “why is the population of honeybees decreasing at a fast rate?” It could be the result from various factors and not just one factor, which must be given the sole and whole attention by the people working on the studies.

Results of the study by the scientists

  • The plants with pesticides treated seeds in the field crop differently in comparison to the field with the untreated seeds. The results were pretty unusual.
  • The research shows that every season was different for such treated and untreated crops and gave completely unlike results.
  • 24% fewer bees were seen in the next spring season due to the neonicotinoid-treated seeds in the fields in comparison to the untreated seeds.

To sum it up all, the studies indicate that not just the reproduction of these honeybees is ended, but they are killed over a period harming the agricultural sector as a whole.

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