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Diapering and things you need to know

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

Diapers are the cloth which is used by kids to make sure they can easily defecate without using any toilet. When diaper becomes solid or hard it tells parents that it needs to be changed because that kid might have done something in it. It is also used to keep house cleans as kids don’t have an idea about what is really going on with them so they can poop anytime they want (because why? Kids). The process of changing a diaper is known as diapering.


Diapering can be a tough task for new starters (New Parents) as it seems complicated in the beginning but with the time pass and doing one thing, again and again, you can easily get used to it and do this within few seconds (yea right. Seconds).  Below is the process of diapering any baby.


  • First of all, you need to have a diaper for your kid.
  • A container of warm water and cotton, if your kid has a sensitive skin.
  • Diaper wipes to clean your kid.
  • Petroleum jelly which is used to prevent rashes.


You can wipe your kid’s body suing some wet cloth or any diaper wipes, which will help to clean your kid. You might want to make sure that kid is clean from all around. After you are finished with the wipes, you can use a dry cloth to clean this up.

Disposable Diapers:

It is really hard to think of diapering without having a disposable diaper in this modern world. There is nothing who can claim that disposable diapers are not less than any blessing. These diapers save you from washing it and re-using it again and again. Once you have used this diaper you can easily dispose it of anywhere you want. They are cheap so there is nothing wrong with spending few bucks on your child.

Diapering can be harmful to your child as well. There are different kinds of problems that can be caused by diapers. Most of the babies wear disposable diapers 24 hours in a day; these diapers are touching your kid’s body constantly. That means any chemicals which are being used in that diaper might get into your kid’ system easily. Many parents don’t even know about these chemicals. Below is the list of chemicals that are being used by many companies in their diapers.

  • Dioxins
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Sodium Polyacrylate

These above diapers can affect your kid’s body in different ways. Such as


Baby diapers are often bleached with some chemicals which end up leaving some Dioxins. According to WHO, dioxins are among the chemicals which cause pollution and can cause different health problem which includes development delay and certain cancers.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Some of the diapers also release VOCs such as xylene and tolune which can cause serious health problems as well.

Sodium Polyacrylate

This is the main ingredient which is used in disposable diapers. SAP was used in tampons once; it irritates skin and can cause different skin infections as well.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers

There are different researches that proved that mom’s should do some cloth diapering as well. This can help both environment and children health as well. There are some reasons you should adopt cloth diapers over disposable diapers.

  • One of the best reasons you should adopt cloth diapering is that they are environment friendly and they do not do anything wrong with leaving chemicals in environment.
  • It can save you some money. Maybe cloth diapers are expensive but they still can save you some money because they can be washed and re-used again and again.
  • You can also use a cloth diaper try program to test its leakage or anything you are worried about.
  • One of the best reason of using cloth diaper is they look more cute than that disposable diapers.
  • Part-time cloth diapering can be good for the moms who work full times
  • Cloth diapering mean you will run out of diapers and you will not have to go to any market at late night for shopping baby diapers.

Different moms who are using cloth diapers think that this can help to facilitate kids for early potty training.

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