Early Stages Of Dementia Can Be Treated With A Brain-Training App Called “Game Show”

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(Last Updated On: February 14, 2018)

As per the new development by the scientists at Cambridge University, a brain-training app by the name of “Game Show” has come into emergency. It is of great help to the people suffering from the early stages of dementia. It helps in memory improvement of the patients by giving them challenging games to meet the purpose.

The patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), the intermediary stage between aging in a healthy manner and dementia have been tested for the effects of the game. The research pointed out that the patients who took part in the game:

  • It made fewer errors, and mistakes
  • needed fewer numbers of trials
  • showed an improved memory score

All this was an indication to the fact that the patients playing the game had a best memory score and remembered many things in order. Thus these patients were much better in comparison to the other people. They seemed more motivated to come out of the difficulties. In this case, medicines cannot help much and therefore, their use should be minimized at all costs.

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Benefits of Cognitive Training

Cognitive Training lets patients take advantage of the situation in the form of:

  • The speed of Attentional Processing in the patients diagnosed with aMCI and the level of motivation bound to differ.
  • Training packages for patients seem to be a monotonous and one way only, thus making the overall experience dull and boring.

Thus cognition and motivation both play a significant role in the case of memory improvement and must be given due to consideration at all points of time.

Dementia: Causes and Concern

Dementia is a growing problem these days seen among the old people. The reason behind the same could be the increase in life expectancy as well as the societal age. People with this disease can be found a lot more in a number as compared to the previous years. This problem is, in fact, not curable as medicines do not work much and provide any kind of support to the patients and his or her attendants.

Symptoms of Dementia

With the passing time, the symptoms of dementia can be very much seen in the elderly people in the form of:

  • Decrease in memory
  • Reduced thinking
  • Awkward behavior
  • Zero down of navigational and spatial skills
  • Ability to perform daily tasks becomes zero.

When it comes to memory improvement, certain precautions and measures should be made to allow the wellness of the mental health that is the brain to function in the right manner, remembering the tasks assigned. Major research and developments have been done in this field, and the researchers have come out with excellent outcomes.

Hence, it is evident from the above write-up that the performance of the individual being talked about matters the most. The ones who are highly motivated and better engaged in some constructive activity generally show best results. Thus, the brain should be given the required food in adequate quantities to keep it going and make the available opportunities and do not miss any chance by any means.

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