Health Benefits of Protein Powders and Blends

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Our muscles need proteins. Not only muscles, but the other important functions of our body needs some amount of protein. It is used to manufacture our immune system, enzymes, hormones, nucleic acid and to perform other small functions. For proper growth and strength, good amount protein intake is mandatory. Our muscles need proper care and reconstruction and without protein it is impossible and it can lead to muscle loss, which is bad for a healthy body.

Protein powders are concentrated protein sources. There are many foods which are good protein sources, but bodybuilders, sportsmen, and athletes require a great deal of protein and for that, they need a good protein powder. If you are someone who wants to lose weight, protein powders and blends are great to keep the muscles and burn the extra fat, without putting your muscles at risk.

Types of Protein Powder

Protein powders can be obtained from many protein sources. For example milk, eggs, plants, and vegetables.


  1. Whey Protein

The milk protein which is obtained during cheese formation, It is the liquid that we can get from the curd while making cheese. A protein-rich substance which can be digested quickly. It promotes muscle growth and a speedy recovery can also be ensured using whey protein. It is great for athletes to build muscles and keep steady muscle mass. The price of whey protein is very less and it is easily available in the market. Whey protein helps to keep your appetite satisfied for long, resulting in fat loss while maintaining musclesgain.


  1. Casein Protein

Casein is also a milk protein like whey protein, but it is digested slowly which results in slow absorption. Because of its slow digestion, the release of essential amino acids and proteins also gets slower. This makes it ideal for the situation where slow nutrients release is necessary, like before sleeping. Casein and whey protein have same benefits and they are not much different in their functions. It also helps in reducing muscle breakdown, promotes muscle growth and weight loss.


  1. Egg Protein

Eggs are always a great source of healthy protein. Eggs are the superfoods that keep you full and satisfy your appetite for long. The main source of egg protein is egg white. Being an animal source egg proteins contain a good amount of essential amino acids which our body needs.

These proteins have not much ability to decrease appetite as compared to casein, whey or pea protein. They are great for the people who are allergic to mild milk or dairy protein.


  1. Pea Protein

The best option for vegetarian athletes, made from yellow pea, it contains essential amino acids. Those who are allergic and sensitive to egg and dairy proteins should go for pea protein. It is a slow absorbing protein as compared to whey protein but much faster than casein. It gives a fullness feeling and controls the appetite. People with high blood pressure can get benefit from it, it decreases the blood pressure. Because of its efficiency, it is comparable to animal based protein.


  1. Hemp Protein

It is also a plant based protein, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and many essential amino acids. It has relatively low levels of leucine and lysine, essential amino acids. There is not much research on hemp protein but it is considered as a good plant based protein.

  1. Brown Rice Protein


Which Protein is Best?

Protein powders are concentrated source of high-quality natural protein. The reason why you are having them will determine which protein is best for you.

  • For a Steady Gain in Muscles

Whey Protein has the best ability, it helps in gaining muscles. They also help in muscle repair and recovery.

  • For Losing Weight

The protein that gives fullness feeling and promotes fat loss is definitely Casein protein.


Some tips

  • Before choosing to take any protein powder or blend, see your doctor ask for his suggestion.
  • Maybe you choose a protein powder but its source is not suitable for you. Have a suggested amount and do not exceed it, an excess of everything is harmful.
  • Do not completely rely on protein powders and blends, eat a balanced diet which is rich in natural nutrients.

Protein alone cannot help in losing weight and gaining muscles, regular exercise is also necessary.

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