How is Relay for Life Raising Awareness and Funds for Cancer Patients?

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(Last Updated On: June 25, 2017)

The organization of a relay event for cancer patients will help the society to raise awareness about the Cancer and celebrate the life of the people who have battled and won over this disease. The American Cancer Society will hold this event on 24 June 2017. Most of the people from Highland and McLean County will gather on this particular date for the Relay for Life. During the event, many activities, music, food and the competitions are organized to raise the money for the treatment for the people who are suffering with it.

How Relay For Life Helps the People?

This is a grand event organized to raise the awareness for the cancer victims who have fought and win this situation. Even for the people who have lost their lives to cancer and to raise awareness amongst the people. The Relay for Life helps the people by raising funds for the cancer patients. In this event, one participates in the ceremony where people jogging or running in the first lap are the carers and the cancer survivors. The team members cover the next lap in this relay. The American Cancer Society with the organization of the Relay helps the people in the following ways:

  • Provision of Activities: Many activities are organized by the Society for the cancer survivors in the daytime that includes music and food too. In the evening, the organization of the candlelight ceremony is done for the cancer-affected people. The team members continue to walk until everyone comes together during the closing ceremony.
  • A Collection of Donation: The American Cancer Society collects the funds with the help of this event. This helps the cancer patients to get the timely treatment and medications. The donations help the patients with cancer to undergo the full treatment at the society owned hospitals.
  • Spreading Education for the Cancer: The Relay for Life helps in spreading the education about cancer. The society helps in spreading the education about the prevention and the crucial patient-care programs. Even the groundbreaking research helps the people to be aware of the cancerous conditions and to cure them on time.
  • Participants for the Relay: Most of the people who participate in this relay are the cancer patients or the fundraisers. They organize the event on the big scale, and most of the people are the motivators for the cancer patients. They help in symbolizing about the fight against This will provide a support to the people suffering from this disease that carers are ready to stand with them to fight against cancer.

Lastly, most of the people who are struggling against cancer and the motivators who are supporting them in this fight are the ones who make the Relay a grand event. There are products that people can purchase them in order to support the movement by the American Society that is working for the people suffering from cancer. The fundraising activity of 2017 is supposed to be grand as previous events.

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