Iaso Tea – How to use?

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(Last Updated On: March 30, 2018)

Iaso tea is a popular weight loss product that also works like an effective detox treatment. It contains 9 most effective ingredients such as myrrh, malva, ginger, blessed thistle, persimmon, marsh mallow leaves, persimmon and holy thistle etc. This product is formulated using chamomile and it originally works for relaxation but many people prefer to consider it an active weight loss plan. To gain maximum benefits from iaso tea, it is good to drink plenty of water, about 8 ounce glass at the time of dinner and lunch and also prefer to take half serving with snacks. You can buy the thirty day formula with payment of $44.95 only.

How to use?

The process is actually quite simple; all you need to do is:

  • Take one litre water in a bowl and boil it for some time.
  • As soon as it gets boiled, add two sachets of tea into water and leave it on stove for 2 more minutes.
  • Now switch of the stove and cover this tea bowl.
  • Now you need to keep it as it is for at least 8 hours so that iaso tea packets can steep properly. This is one of the most essential steps in iaso tea preparation.
  • After these eight hours, you can store your iaso tea in a bottle and put it inside refrigerator.
  • Whenever you have to drink this tea, add about 50 mls quality in your cup and wait till it reaches the normal room temperature. Now add about 150 mls water into this tea and your drink is ready.
  • To obtain best weight loss results, prefer to consume this tea at least two times in a day.

Things to know about iaso tea ingredients:

Iaso tea is also known as a miracle tea due to its amazing benefits. Studies reveal that it can reduce up to five pounds in five days only. There are nine different useful ingredients inside iaso tea:

  1. Persimmon Leaves:

They work like a natural cleanser with their important content of flavonoids, choline carotenoids, vitamin C, amino acids, rutin and tannins.

  1. Marsh Mallow:

This anti inflammatory content works for improvement in overall health by reducing the risks of several potential diseases.

  1. Malva Leaves:

They have same effects like Marsh Mallow.

  1. Holy Thistle:

This ingredient helps in effective cleansing.

  1. Papaya Leaves:

They are essential ingredient of many ancient herbal treatments and today also this ingredient is widely used due to its ability to improve skin health.

  1. Chamomile:

It is capable enough to initiate fight against stomach cramps and also works to lower down the anxiety levels.

  1. Myrrh:

It works like an antiseptic by killing harmful bacteria. Many dental experts recommend this substance for oral health as it can kill those dangerous bacteria from mouth.

  1. Blessed Thistle:

It also works like holy thistle while delivering impressive results for complete weight loss plan.

  1. Ginger:

Ginger is commonly used to control stomach cramps and it also improves digestive system abilities. It also adds delicious flavour to your tea.

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