Yoga Enthusiasts Attend The International Yoga Day Across The Globe

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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

The people celebrated the Yoga Day across the globe with full enthusiasm and joy across the globe on June 21, 2017. Most of the people gather in thousands of numbers across varied cities of USA to celebrate the International Yoga Day. This worldwide event is the brainchild of the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi recognized by the United Nations too. More than tens of thousands of the people from the USA have joined at UN Plaza, New York City and National Mall in the Washington D.C.

Significance of the International Yoga Day Celebrations

The International Yoga Day sessions included many Yog Asanas that are perfect for keeping a fit and the healthy body. Most of the people based in the America are aware of the significant qualities of performing the Yoga. Most of the people across the globe took the pledge to keep their body, soul and mind fit on this day. This day could create awareness amongst the people living abroad. Here are some of its important qualities:

  • Reviving of the Age-Old Tradition: The Yoga Day revived the antique tradition of India in which most of the people participated from across the globe. The American people seem enthusiastic and zealous about the practicing of the Yoga.
  • The Theme of “Ahinsa” or Non-Violence: The International Yoga Day theme was Ahinsa or non-violence as most of the hatred and violence cases were witnessed in American cities. Many people gathered at Time Square in the New York City to celebrate this great day. The Yogis were present at the place to provide the teaching of non-violence and to handle the madness that is present in the world.
  • Flexing one’s Muscles: The Yoga Day helped the people to flex their muscles and to gain fitness in their life. The various Yoga Postures are known to help people correct the stress, physical fatigue, depression, etc. Not only does Yoga helps the person to keep physically fit but also their mind becomes fit and healthy. It helps in inculcating the positive thoughts and warding off the negative ones.
  • Balanced Human Life: The Yoga Day helped many people to know about the ways to balance their lives in order to achieve the great heights in their lives. It also helps the people to treat other human beings in a good way. The focus of the Yoga Day is to balance one’s life and to support the humanity to grow and develop.

In Closing, the Yoga Day organized at International Level practiced the healthy living and made people to acquire good thoughts. It also helped people to support and care for other humans in order to bring balance in their life. The people living in the American nations are facing violence and threats in the present times. Therefore, the Yoga Day cheered up the mood of thousands of people by inculcating positive thoughts amongst them. It also helped the people to keep their body and mind fit and positive always.

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