Isagenix – more popular name IsaLean Shake

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(Last Updated On: September 21, 2019)

Isagenix or the more popular name IsaLean Shake is a world famous meal replacement shake that is capable enough to enrich diet of user on the basis of minerals and nutrients. It works like most effective weight management product with about 23 minerals plus vitamins and 24 grams of protein content. Isagenix also assists in deep cleansing of body with added fat burning process support that works effectively within 30 days.

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As per manufacturers, this supplement can deal with so many issues like:

Insulin sensitivity:

You will be glad to know that Isagenix can easily improve the insulin sensitivity inside human body so that aging process can be controlled. This product helps to convert glucose into energy so that fat accumulation can be reduced.


Most of people are searching hard to find an effective solution that can maintain healthy body; Isagenix can serve you better for this need. This product helps people to adhere to specific diet plans so that excessive fat can be reduced with controlled food intake. The best part is that the lifestyle proposed by Isagenix weight management system can be easily adopted in routine life.

Lean Body:

You might be aware of the fact that muscle tissues are biggest calorie consumers in entire body and they need metabolism system to work at faster pace so that toxins can be immediately thrown out of the body. This process plays essential role in complete weight loss management and Isagenix contribute for its efficient results. It helps to develop leaner muscles by converting glucose into energy.

Consistent weight loss:

Many people have complaints that weight often comes back with time when they stop following certain diet plan but this is not the case with Isagenix. This complete weight loss solution ensures long term benefits.

Feeling of fullness:

This supplement contains about 8 grams of fiber content that is capable enough to block hunger; so you can have a feeling of fullness all the time and hence appetite can be managed with ease.

Other than this, Isagenix works for promoting overall health by:

  • Producing as much energy as human body need to complete its routine tasks.
  • Promoting efficiency of digestive system by balancing it to appropriate levels.
  • Increasing the endurance levels with improved muscle tone.
  • Improving the metabolism rate so that highly flourished body shape can be maintained.


  • It contains high protein quantity with every serving; hence it works well as a meal replacement plan.
  • Isagenix is capable enough to curb hunger so that appetite can be kept under control and intake can be reduced.
  • The proteins contained in Isagenix are free from routine antibiotics and hormones because they are taken from cows that are not treated with any kind of antibiotics.
  • It is a perfect mixture of about 23 essential vitamins and minerals.


  • It is quite expensive as compared to similar products available in market.

The sugar content is little higher so you must contact your health expert before consumption.

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