It’s all about Women’s Health: Don’t Neglect Your Precious Self

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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

Ladies do take some time out for yourself. We know you take care of every single person of the family especially if you are a mother and wife. But that does not mean you keep neglecting yourself. You do have your own health which you are supposed to pay attention to it.

Woman are the one who is the more responsible or you can say possess more responsibilities of home. They have to cook food, clean the house, wash clothes, and look after parents, siblings, husband, children, relatives or guests. So many duties only on one member of the family that’s a lot to do but luckily they manage because they are God gifted to see them all.

So for them, here we have some suggestions which will help them to stay healthy and they can guard their families.

  1. Stop Stressing Yourself

Women are touchy and they do take everything very seriously immediately. That’s why they create more troubles on their own for them. So try to be calm down and be tension free because your cool mind can only take wise decisions. Stay in touch with your friends and colleagues, interact with different people, don’t limit you and lock yourself in room or home. Go out and have a good time with your family, friends and other relatives.


  1. Forget Dieting

This is in women nature they are very conscious about how they look, what they should wear and how to behave with others. It’s good but when these concerns become very serious problems for them then they harm their selves like dieting. When they diet they follow it very strictly and that’s where they become weak and start losing their healthy life. We don’t stop you not to diet, do diet but fulfill your body requirements and before starting it do consult any expert.


  1. Intake of Calcium in Limit

Women should take calcium it is necessary for them but don’t take it excessively. Too much intake of calcium can cause kidney problems or may increase the risk of heart disease.  So take it according to your body need.


  1. Go for Diverse Exercises

Women surely do exercise. That way they can simply reduce their weights and stay energetic. They should do cardio exercise, workout with weights and go for walks in morning, evening or night according to their leisure timings. They should exercise for 3-5 times in a week and that can help to avert heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and other diseases. Staying fit satisfy them mentally.


  1. Take Pleasure in Sex Life

Having good sex life is a need of every woman. So they should enjoy it because it decreases stress and may less the chance of chronic disease. If they face any problems during sex like pain and that doesn’t allow to fulfillment their sexual desire then they must consult their doctors.


  1. Make Plans about When to Start your Family Life

Women need to discuss with their partners when they want to start their family life and for that, they should go for secure ways to control the birth procedure. But there is an age limit to get pregnant because of fertilization system in women. They can get pregnant in the late 30s, even in early 40s as well but the declination of fertility starts at the age of 32. So if you want kids late then you must talk to your doctor and freeze your eggs through different treatments.


  1. Do Visit your Doctor For Health Check

Women need to see their doctors after every year because they can have hormonal issues or if they are married then for different tests related to their sexual system, get checked their blood pressure, diabetes and do discuss their family history illness and go for genetic tests if they have any.


  1. Do Take Appropriate Sleep

8 hr night sleep is the best and essential for women. It keeps them healthy and fresh. If they don’t complete this need, there are great chances for them to have heart disease or psychological issues.


So women need to watch out their selves first then others. They should not forget that they are the only ones in their families who can take care of everyone, every little thing. They have got no valid reason that they can compromise on their health. So don’t take the unnecessary stress, have a good diet, go for exercises, looks good, meet everyone, fulfill your all right needs and get pleasure from every bit of life with a healthy lifestyle.

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