Kid Fitness On the Decline

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(Last Updated On: September 13, 2019)

Kids Fitness Can Be Improved

One of the concerns in our county today is the decline in kid fitness games. This trend was noticed a few years ago and it seems to be a continuing problem. We don’t need to look too far or too hard to see reasons why this problem is so prevalent.

One reason Kid Fitness is on the decline is because of the food they eat. Consider the following food choices that many children prefer.

·  Soda

Years ago most parents wouldn’t even consider serving soda to their child with a any meal at the dinner table. Ask a group of youngsters if they drink soda with their meals at home and many will tell you yes. Fast food chains offer package dinners with soda being part of the package. Sadly, many schools have soda machines and sometimes justify it by having milk available too. Which do you think most children choose? Kid fitness going down.

·  Fast Food

Fast food chains offer a huge selection of fried foods that have a great appeal to the taste buds of children. Hamburgers,french fries,fried chicken and pizza just to name a few. Some parents will argue that pizza is a healthy food. It probably can be but not after some restaurants load the crust with extra cheese along with a hugh pile on top for the cheese lovers.

·  Snack Foods

Are there many homes in this country that don’t have a bag or two chips on hand at all times? When parents shop they are not thinking about kid fitness, they are trying to supply what their kids want. Along with the chips there are sweets galore that most children would prefer any day to an orange or apple

Kids Today ARE Not As Active

Years ago on a winter day you would see scores of children outside playing in a freshly fallen snow. Today you may see a few kids playing in the snow but you won’t see the large numbers of years ago. Kids have so many choices of tv shows, videos, and computer games today, many of them spend their free time absorbed in these things rather than vigorous out door activities. How many calories will a child burn by playing computer games all day? It’s easy to see why there is such a decline in kid fitness.

Poor Kid Fitness Can Be Turned Around

One of the best ways to get your child on the road to fitness is by becoming an example for them to emulate. This means you can modify the families eating habits and become more active as a family. If you are working out with a home gym or exercise bike, it sends a powerful message to your children. You can start a program that gets the whole family exercising together.

Activities For The Whole Family To Achieve Fitness

·  Roller blading– A great family activity

·  Snow Shoeing– You can’t beat it.

·  Hiking– Hey, it’s even free!

·  Biking Afraid of the traffic? Try mountain biking.

·  Jogging Too much for you? Try speed walking.

It’s time to become an activist by turning things around in your own family. Encourage your children to eat more of the healthier foods and to become more active by following your example! Kid fitness in our country is about to improve! (Who said it was ordained that all cubboards will have bags of chips, and all refrigerators will have cases of soda?)

Ready to Examine Your Exercise Options?

There are some great companies who can help you see what is on the market in home fitness equipment. They also carry a supply of out door products that are designed for the whole family.

Deals On Fitness Equipment

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to acquire fitness equipment for the whole family. Check out these sales. You will be amazed at the variety and quality of fitness equipment that is sold right in your community on any given weekend.

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