L-Citrulline Review

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(Last Updated On: February 14, 2018)

You might have heard about three most essential dietary amino acids that are presents inside Urea Cycle; they are L-Ornithine, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. Here we are going to talk about L-Citrulline that gets turned into L-arginine inside Kidneys. From last so many years, medical professionals are recommending L-Citrulline as one of the popular supplement to boost cardiovascular health as well as sports performance. The major reason behind its incredible performance is that it directly works to boost endurance and reduce fatigue after long hour aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises. Also, L-Citrulline is responsible to improve erectile dysfunction that is often caused by higher blood pressure ranges.

L-Citrulline is usually found inside watermelons and this basic amino acid helps to develop proteins inside body. This supplement naturally works to boost blood flow in direction of brains because it gets transformed into several useful amino acids after consumption. At the same time, L-Citrulline can improve energy levels inside body by eliminating stress as well as fatigue. People who are suffering with Alzheimers disease or with erectile dysfunction can grab several benefits from L-Citrulline.

When L-Citrulline is consumed via oral route then it helps to improve the concentration of essential plasma arginine inside body. It further causes production of various metabolities associated with arginine such as nitrite, ornithine and creatinine etc. L-Citrulline has ability to work perfectly with magnesium, citric acids and aspartic acids so that secretion of the nitrogen metabolite can be initiated.

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Potential benefits associated with L-Citrulline:

There are so many positive impacts of L-Citrulline on human body. Some of these are discussed here:

  • It assists in improvement of immune system performance so that body can become highly resistive to illness as well as injuries. L-Citrulline works by enhancing the blood circulation as well as it boosts growth hormones. This process naturally works for immune system so that recovery for cuts, surgeries and wounds can be easily improved. On the other side, this product also works for improving bone strength.
  • L-Citrulline provides excellent remedy against hypertension.
  • If we talk about sexual health of males then L-Citrulline also provides improvement for that. It boosts overall performance.
  • Those who consume L-Citrulline on routine basis can have clear and sharper mind. It improves memory so that person can retain information for longer duration of time.
  • In case if anyone is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease then L-Citrulline can be used to gain higher control over brain activity.


Professionals recommend its dosage somewhere between 2 to 15 grams to achieve best performance. People who are planning for weight loss can consume 6 grams L-Citrulline in a day. As this supplement assists in improvement of metabolism with routine exercises so, most of the professional enhancers prefer to use it.

This supplement is observed to be safe to use for most of the healthy adults and it is recommended for oral consumption. People who are some serious medical history can take guidance from their physician before continuing to the dosage of L-Citrulline.

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