Lack Of Deep Sleep Increases Amyloid Beta Protein ‬‬And Risk Of Alzheimer

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(Last Updated On: July 12, 2017)

A good night’s sleep is quintessential for a normal human being to perform his or her daily activities without any kinds of problems. In fact, it energizes the whole body and the mind. It helps the body clear away the brain proteins. If one goes by the recent research, then poor sleep has been associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

As per the new study, lack of even one night of sleep or interrupted sleep in middle-aged adults gives way to a protein called amyloid beta, which tends to increase due to the sleep disruption. The lack of sleep for a week increases the level of another brain protein tau. It has been associated with brain damage as well as other neurological diseases in the case of the patients suffering from Alzheimer. Both these brain proteins are associated with the Alzheimer’s disease, which might later be the cause of the disease called dementia.

Opinion of Dr. David Holtzman on poor sleep

Dr. David Holtzman is of the opinion that woeful sleep is associated with higher levels of these two brain proteins, namely amyloid beta and tau that might be the cause of the Alzheimer. He later explained in a university news release that persistent inadequate sleep during the mid years of the life might increase the risk of Alzheimer in the later years of life. All these findings are published in the journal by the name of “Brain” on July 10 very recently. These findings do not just focus on Alzheimer only but upcoming dementia too, which happens to be the next piece of the puzzle before the same is completed.

Why are the Americans badly affected when it comes to sound sleep?

5 million Americans or even more than this number has been diagnosed with Alzheimer as indicated by the recent studies. More so the previous studies focused on the relationship between poor sleep and memory loss disease wherein one feel that his or her memory has been robbed for a particular period. He or she has suffered gradual memory loss and cognitive decline due to the above-mentioned reasons. No therapies can prove helpful in any of the ways by preventing, slowing or reversing the course of the disease.

Poor sleep gives way to cognitive impairment quite easily. The risk of getting such problem increases manifold without a saying. Thus one can gather from the studies that mild cognitive impairment is a warning sign and that too an early one for Alzheimer. People with sleep apnea are at a higher risk as compared to the people without the sleep disorder.

Necessity of deep sleep and aversion of slow-wave sleep

Another import aspect relating to a person’s sleep is slow-wave sleep. It is the kind of deep sleep, which makes the person taking the same get up fully refreshed and rejuvenated. Sleep apnea stops a person from achieving the stage of slow-wave sleep. Even eight hours of sleep seems pretty less for people facing this sleep disorder.

In a nutshell, Americans are generally deprived of sleep due to many of the reasons. This affects their health in a negative manner. Poor sleep increases the level of brain protein namely amyloid beta and tau that are associated with Alzheimer disease.

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