Low Performance Of American States On Preventable Causes Of Death

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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2017)

As per the reports released by the National Safety Council on this Tuesday, none of the states are able to protect as well as safeguard its residents from the hands of preventable causes of death due to various reasons, which can take place anywhere and everywhere. Thus, the major states have been rated for the safety measures. Receiving the rating as “A” is a big dream for many and not achievable.

Rating for the state of Kansas

The state of Kansas has made it with the rating being F, which is quite terrifying and death defying as conveyed by the National Safety Council President and CEO. As per him, it is impossible to let the people die like that when one is very much aware of the causes behind the deaths and can prevent it. In fact, he was of the view that such diseases must be prevented as and when possible and the persons concerned must take complete care of the same.

Generally, one can prevent death while on the road or at the home or even at the workplace and among the people for sure. Some states have been marked as secure and the rests are lagging behind and nowhere to seem.

Position of Texas as per the report

Texas has received the rating as “D” among the 50 states and is placed at the 26th position marking it as a safe state. Preventable causes of death are rated on 62 safety indicators, and no state could make it to the top though Maryland being the closest of all meeting 69% of the indicators as against 70% required for the rating of “A”.

These indicators were based on various factors. To name a few of them, the list goes as below:

  • Involvement of the state for rationalizing the policy
  • Prevention of the diseases to the maximum possible extent

Thus, it becomes evident to the above-mentioned factors that the prime indicators must be focused upon and not the ones, which hold no value and must be ignored for all the good reasons. In fact, following indicators divided the states into three categories with subcategories of their own.

  • Road Safety
  • Home and Community Safety
  • Workplace Safety

with the subcategories being named as follows:

  • On Track – Most of all the indicators present
  • Developing – Only some of the indicators present
  • Off Track – None or very few indicators present

Rankings for Ohio were far better

Ohio as a state is ranked at the 38th position with the rating as “D” on all the above-named categories and subcategories. Vehicle crashes are the second most cause of such preventable causes of death. The reasons for the same could be many but extremely generic ones.

To conclude, reports by the National Safety Council prove helpful to the citizens of the state and make them aware of the preventable causes of death. These studies and research do wonders for the people by imparting the much-needed knowledge as well as the required information.

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