Major Life Ending Crisis Spreading In Various States Of America

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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2017)

As per the reports released by the California health officials on this Tuesday, right to die was made legal after a law passed in 2016, which opened new doors for end-of-life care. If one goes by the reports, then around 111 people took their lives in the first six months of the passing of the law. The End-of-life care allows the terminally ill patients to commit suicide and end their own life by taking life-ending drugs as given by the doctors. In fact, California comes at the fifth position to pass such a law and make it legal nationally. Since it being the most populous state in the nation, the news is spreading like wildfire all across the globe and influencing the economy as a whole.

When did the right to die law come into effect and what was the result?

This right to die law came into effect on June 9, 2016, as per the data collected by the Public Health Department of California. If one goes by the data collected between June 9 and Dec. 31, 2016, it is revealed that approximately 191 people took life-ending drugs to end their lives in the next 6 months itself. In addition, 111 people had no chance left after taking them.

In fact, the death toll before taking the drugs was 21 individuals. 59 individuals are still waiting for the reports of the doctors, as the prescribed time limit has not been reached yet.

Categorization of the people as per their age and related features

  • 87% people who reached to the mouths of death were 60+ years of age, well educated with health insurance policies in hand.
  • As per the reports, most of them diagnosed with terminal cancer with the average age being 73 years.
  • The reports also depict that around 173 doctors themselves prescribed these life-ending drugs to the patients.

California seems to be the trendsetter for other adjacent states like Colorado, Montana, Vermont and much more. The reports also study the impact on the people of the neighboring States and the application of the right to die law.

President Trump seems incapable of handling health care sector

It seems the citizens throughout the nation want a new health care system to be adopted by the government. President Trump seems more interested in putting in some more money to the healthcare sector rather than following cost cutting policies and taking decisions against the welfare of the citizens of the nation.

End of Life Option Act

Oregon happens to be the first state, which forms one-tenth of the Californian population to pass this act. The reason behind the same was the movement among the people in this part of the nation for taking life-ending drugs and making use of the right to die law.

To sum it up all, California paves the way for other states to follow the suit and make the right to die law legal by opening doors for end-of-life care.

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