Mapping the Genetics of Human with Whole Genome Sequencing

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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2017)

The DNA Medicine and the study are trending in the present times as most of the human beings are facing the genetically related diseases. However, the doctors have devised the way to provide complete makeover to person’s genetics through the Whole genome sequencing. Most of the physicians suggested the full genome workup of the healthy adults that resulted in the condition of catching the unusual diseases. Most of the participants in the sequencing of the genes faced the conditions of the rare diseases.

Mapping of the Genes

The Whole genome sequencing method is used in a genetic variation of the genes that includes two types of mapping of the human genes. These include:

  • De Novo
  • Next Generation Sequencing

In the De Novo Sequencing, the sequence reads are compared and overlapping is done for building contiguous sequences. The reference genome helps in the assembly approach of the genome sequencing. In the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), the clinical researchers have already been made and they are the future of the medicine. This will help in predicting the suspecting diseases. With the help of the Next Generation Sequencing, not only the genomes of the human beings but the plants, livestock and disease-related microbes will also be sequenced by usage of this technique.

Benefits of the Whole genome sequencing

The concept of Whole genome sequencing will help in the revealing of hidden and mysterious diseases in the body of a human being. Somewhere the sequencing is shown in a negative light but that does not mean that it does not carry any advantages. Some of its advantages are:

  • It helps in capturing the small as well as the large variants of the genes that otherwise may be missed by the medical physicians.
  • This helps in providing base by base and the high-resolution of the genome of the human being.
  • The whole genome helps in delivering the large amount of data in the shorter period in order to support the assembly of the novel genomes.
  • It identifies causative variants for the studies of the regulatory mechanism and the genes’ expressions.
  • This will help the patients in treatment of the diseases through the mutant genes and through the other genomes that are present in the patient.

Despite the above facts and advantages of genome sequencing, still, most of its clinical tests are unclear. The finding and tests showed that some 20% of the healthcare patients were diagnosed with the rare genetic disease structure. Overall, this sequencing will help the patients to take lesser time to recoup.

In Closing, the genome sequencing testing and mapping did bring positive results for most of the patients. Most of them helped the physicians to tell the patients about the medications that can prove good or bad for their health. This will help the patients to get rid of the deadly diseases as stated by most of the clinical physicians. The sequencing of the genomes will help the patients to lead a healthy life as seen by the physicians.

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