Measles: Biggest Risk To Be Prevented By The Use Of MMR Vaccines

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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

Measles is a contagious and infectious disease. It can be prevented among the children with the help of the vaccines. This vaccine has saved many lives so far and helped the people safeguard from this infection over the last few decades. Nowadays, many children are seeing the face of the death across Europe due to this infection.

Case of an Irish boy from Italy who lost his life due to measles

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently came up with the case of a 6-year-old Irish boy from Italy, who lost his life to this deadly disease. In fact, they are blaming the parents, as they are the ones who are not immunizing their kids and making them a safe bet for this infectious disease.

This boy has been the latest victim in Europe in the last 12 months that has lost his life to this deadly disease. Italy and Romania are the worst affected countries though the government is making efforts and taking necessary precautions by vaccinating the people, especially children without fail. The reason for this occurrence could be blamed on low vaccination rates by the people who seem to take this disease very lightly.

Position about measles in Italy as a whole

Talking about Italy, 3300 cases of measles have been reported so far, and two people have even died since June 2016. Kids with cancer are more prone to such infectious diseases and must be protected in the best of the manner. This is the sole and whole reason why the public health authorities are requesting the people to vaccinate their children. This way, they would be able to protect their children from the outburst of this deadly disease.

Other affected countries by measles

It is not just Italy where measles cases are reported but various other countries like Romania, Germany, and Portugal have even reported deaths too with the occurrence of this disease. Out of the lot, Romania seems to be worst affected. Italy has made the measles vaccine mandatory for the kids going to school, thus increasing the vaccination rates and preventing the kids from getting hold of measles. Parents who fail to vaccinate their children would be severely fined. All this is done to prevent this unacceptable tragedy gripping the kids of various countries.

Though the measles has been ending in many countries due to the top-class vaccination available to prevent the same certain pockets remain uncovered. This could be because the people of the following reasons as listed below:

  • People do not understand the need to vaccinate their children as well as themselves
  • People could not get the vaccinations without any kind of bias or partiality towards them
  • People could not be protected from the disease due to some other health problems.

Thus the current need of the hour is to prevent the spread of measles by making proper and efficient use of MMR vaccines without fail. No one should be left unattended for any of the reasons, but the vaccine must be made available to all for the betterment of the society as a whole. MMR vaccines are the only way one can prevent this disease from spreading far-off places and affecting the people in the same manner.

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