Addition Of 5 New Sites To Treat Opioid Use Disorder And Methadone‬‬ In Indiana

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(Last Updated On: July 9, 2017)

Drugs are taking away the younger generation in Indiana from their future as well as lifelong dreams. Thus to treat opioid use disorder as well as curing methadone, five more healing centers have come up around the place. This was part of an expansion plan as announced on Wednesday to let the people get rid of this bad habit at the earliest.

The new centers are an addition to the already existing centers providing the necessary treatment facilities to the drug abusers. As per the words of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, they would be functional by the end of next June. Jennifer Walthall, secretary of the above association the center comes as a welcome surprise to the existing efforts by the state to get rid of opioid use disorder and methadone.

Factors affecting the selection of the location

While choosing the new locations for the centers, various factors have been taken into consideration. Some of the factors go as below:

  • Travel time for the patients
  • Areas where overdosing is suspected
  • Areas where drugs have been seized
  • Hospitals showing emergency data and records of patients

Thus, all kinds of counseling and support are provided to the drug abusers, and addicts are forced to leave this bad habit. In addition, in turn, make their lives beautiful as well as meaningful to oneself and others in the society. With the addition of the new centers, the existing centers can breathe easily and the number of addicts visiting them gets divided. This way, more attention and care can be given to the addicts.

Insurance coverage to the patients

After the following move, there would be an increase in the insurance coverage for the addicts in the opioid treatment programs. If one goes by the words of the Secretary, the patients will definitely get more options as the changes are predicted coming August. Indiana Medicaid members, as well as the Healthy Indiana Plan members, would be covered both for opioid use disorder and methadone.

Studies suggest that the people taking methadone remain in the treatment and reduce the use of opioid on their own in comparison to the patients not given any kind of treatment. Patients undergoing the treatment feel they are very much like the other people and must not be treated differently at any point in time for any of the reasons.

Gov. Eric Holcomb is of the view that the opioid use disorder, as well as treatment of methadone, should reach to the maximum people of Indiana. All people should be treated. Locations of the opioid treatment programs should be such that can be easily accessed by the patients and drug addicts. They should be within the reach of the common man or places wherein drug overdose has been reported earlier.

To sum it up, as per the words of Eric Holcomb, opioid use disorder and use of methadone in Indiana are the most challenging crisis, which must not be overlooked for the overall welfare to the people as a whole. Thus, the need of new location comes into the picture.

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