Shobha Sugaring Kit

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(Last Updated On: July 19, 2019)

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, less painful alternative to waxing at home – you’ve just found it. This home sugaring hair removal kit uses the same products and accessories used at Shobha salons, and you can tell by the home results.


  • Natural ingredients. The sugaring gel is made up of sugar, citric acid (lemon juice) and water
  • The weight of denim strips make hair removal less painful and eco-friendly because you can wash them
  • Gel can be microwaved or heated up in water on stove


  • You have to reheat sugaring gel if you are taking a long time, or are removing a large zone of hair


  • Manufacturer – Shobha Inc
  • Cost – $30.00
  • Sugaring Kit Contains – Microwaveable sugaring gel, 6 denim strips, 2 plastic spatulas, instructional booklet and powder

Guide Review – Shobha Sugaring Kit

I opened my kit and read through the instructions which were very helpful even though I’m very familiar in ridding hair. The booklet gives the steps to home sugaring hair removal: how to heat up the sugar, remove hair, safety precautions and after care.

The sugaring gel jar can be put in the microwave for 15- 45 seconds or heated up in a shallow pan with hot water on medium heat until it turns into the consistency of warm honey. I’m one of those people who doesn’t use a microwave, so I had to heat it up on the stove. Call me spoiled, but I’m used to a wax pot that heats it up for you.

I first tried the sugaring gel on my eyebrows, but didn’t want to cut the denim into small strips, so I used muslin. I normally use cream wax on my eyebrows which is made for sensitive skin, and I get pink after waxing. The sugaring gel was a lot less painful than waxing, and I didn’t turn the slightest bit pink. I brought the sugaring gel into the spa where I work and tried it on one of my regular waxing clients, who also didn’t turn pink, and agreed it was less painful than the cream wax.

Denim strips are new to me, and I couldn’t wait to try them. I’ve always worked with muslin or pellon fabric strips with waxing. The denim was adorable, and the instructions said “the actual weight of the cloth reduces the potential pain factor” which was true! I was surprised on how nice the denim strips adhered to the hair, but removed it easily. One of the biggest frustrations to home hair removal is not being able to remove all of the hair. The denim strips save money too because you can throw them in the wash (sugaring gel is water soluble).

The only issue was when I had to heat up the sugaring gel again halfway through sugaring my legs. Other than that, the kit is absolutely wonderful for home sugaring hair removal.

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