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Silver Excelsior Serum Review

Silver Excelsior Serum
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2020)

Excelsior Serum is commonly known as Silver Surfer Serum that can provide incredible benefits to users. You might have heard about Colloidal Silver that is rated as a potential product but Silver Excelsior Serum is found to be much powerful than that. The fact is that it is created with chelated silver that has natural antibiotic properties and can kill almost 600 bad bacteria varieties with ease. With this great blend of all natural ingredients, now there is no need to worry about various antibiotic resistant superbugs, troubles associated with toxicity levels and gut health problems because this well designed product possesses all pharmaceutical antibiotic properties.

HoneyColony Silver Surfer Natural Antibiotic Serum

Why you should use Silver Excelsior Serum?

Silver Excelsior Serum is developed with high quality potent bio-particles and it provides support to cell structure inside human body. Professionals reveal that it has ability to repel stomach bugs, influenza and about 660 harmful pathogenic bacteria. One drop of Silver Excelsior Serum contains 1 oz liquid amount whereas the whole bottle has 660 such drops that are made up of highly dynamic chelated silver ions.

Here is one important scientific fact related to performance of this product. Silver oxide and silver uses to frame unique but powerful antimicrobial action. Here, silver simply gets attached to bacteria cell and work to block its respiration; ultimately it dies. Similarly, it performs well to kill pathogens. Generally, these silver compounds help to improve skin reaction for burns by avoiding chances of infection. These silver ions also assists in sunburn treatment whereas the airline filters help to prevent spreading bacterial diseases.

There are so many benefits associated with Silver Excelsior Serum:

  • It is one of the most suitable and nature inspired alternative to stay safe from bacterial infections.
  • This product boosts bio availability of human body so that fast healing and absorption process can be initiated.
  • Silver Excelsior Serum includes healthy water based liquids as like fruit juice etc.
  • It has ability to initiate fight against infections, viruses, bacteria, superbugs and parasites.
  • You will find this product travel friendly that assists in fighting against bacteria and infections.
  • Shows incredible performance against sore throats, eye infections and ear infections.
  • If you are suffering with sinus issue then this product can provide you best treatment while dealing with respiratory troubles.
  • This serum assists in alleviation of Urinary Tract infections.
  • Silver Excelsior Serum assists in prevention from bleeding gums, tooth decay and all plague development.
  • It helps to reduce the symptoms of food poisoning.
  • Works perfectly against burns and sunburns.


Researchers have proven that Silver Excelsior Serum has direct effect only on harmful bacteria; it never causes any harm to good bacteria inside body. You simply need to add about 8 drops of serum into 8 ounces of water so that a 100ppm solution of chelated silver oxide can be created. Prefer to stir it gently before drinking this solution. This must buy product can introduce incredible health benefits with healthy lifestyle.

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