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What Is The Rate Of Increasing Popularity Of Nuts, Seeds And Trail Mixes?

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

Most of the people like to have products other than snack foods to satisfy their cravings for meals, and nuts and seeds are making their way out. Moreover, trail mixes are also finding their way out on the tables of most of the people other than oily and salty snacks. Nuts are the first favorite of the people under which Almonds and Peanuts are most prominent. Trail Mixes rather includes the old raisins and is the combination of nuts and seeds with dried fruits that are tossed together. They all make the finest food for the snacking for people as they can munch on them easily and the rate of popularity is on the increase.

Trends in Eating Nuts, seeds and Trail Mixes

People are in habit of eating things in between their meals and the best time to kill the boredom is to have the light meals. They are good for health too. Most of the people prefer Nuts that is usually taken by more than half of the people living across the globe. The consumption is higher as they are nutritious and healthy. They have become most popular among the teenagers and youngsters as these are the go and grab snacks.

While watching on the popularity level of the nuts, more than 40% of people like to have the almonds and peanuts despite other nuts available in the market. Even doctors have associated them beneficial for the medical point of view. They found the nuts to be best for reduction of diabetes, gallstones, and the coronary heart disease.

On the other hand, seeds market is also growing at a rapid rate. Most of the people prefer them for dietary consumption and for the reduction of weight and controlling other health problems. The market is said to grow every year by 10% as the seeds as hemp and chia are soon going to reach the superfood status in the present-day market. They are rich in protein so it is healthier for kids as well as adults. They can have it between the meals, and it will not put any adverse effect on their body. More types of seeds that are included within this category are sunflower, pumpkin and safflower seeds.

Another trend that is increasingly being witnessed under the quality snack intake is of trail mixes that usually includes the raisins and dried fruits with nuts. These are good for health as they have a high level of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Even it helps in keeping the blood-sugar level constant, and one does not have to go for unhealthy snacks or sugary foods every time. These foods actually satisfy the cravings as most of the homeowners rely on it and it is seen that more than 90% of consumers purchase the trail mixes.

Lastly, these are beneficial foods that anyone can opt for nutritious and take them between their meals. People can rely on them, as they are healthy for consumption for teens, youngsters and even adults.


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