What you need to do when your baby is not sleeping?

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With the newborns the life changes completely. The family is not living in the same way as before because the whole attention and time is dedicated to the baby. But what are the conditions and concerns that the parents should have in taking care of the baby? Are there any special conditions that are characteristic just for the baby? Or is it normal for the baby to have particular behavior? Even though the babies are so small, they give the biggest challenges to their parents. A lot of the parents talk about their concerns and need to be informed beforehand in order to know what to do when the new member of the family comes in the world. Here are some of the common conditions and concerns that are common for all babies and all of the parents should be aware of it.

The breastfeeding

This is a type of a challenge and is a natural process that concerns every baby and parent. But the breastfeeding doesn’t always go that smooth at the beginning. Most of the mothers said that the breastfeeding is a little bit difficult at start, due to the pain in the breast and the ability to make the baby eat enough. The women that are mothers for the first time don’t know if their babies are getting enough food. The only thing you can do in this case is to see whether you position the baby in the correct position, so the baby’s mouth is at appropriate angle on the breast in order to prevent the nipple pain and to have a good and deep latch.

The sleeping

Another concern at the new parents is the sleeping. They don’t have enough sleep because the baby wakes up every few hours at night, so the mothers need to wake up and feed the baby. If you think that your baby doesn’t have enough sleep, you can always consult your doctor and ask for an opinion. The babies are not always sleeping like we were told at the beginning. Some of them can sleep a lot, while some of them are very active and stay awake for a lot of time during the day. So, if you had a concern regarding the sleeping, this is the time to stop worrying and instead to enjoy in the time with your baby. Every baby has different needs for sleep, so maybe yours is one of the active ones.

What you need to do when your baby is not sleeping?

* have some walks

* play with your baby

* bath and feed the baby regarding the needs

Should the baby be bathed every day?

It definitely should. This should not be a concern but rather a habit to bath the baby every day. It is recommendable to do it in the morning after the baby wakes up, so it can stay in warm room during the whole day. The bathing should be provided with appropriate baby shampoos that are made with baby’s formulas in order to keep the babies clean and safe. If you don’t bath the baby, the health might be affected because the bath is good also for the blood circulation and the overall well being of the baby.

The crying

Another concern and condition that can be found at every baby is the crying. You might ask yourself what the baby wants now since you have gave food, bath and everything that was needed in order to keep the baby clean and satisfy. You might be concerned that something is wrong with your baby since it’s not stopping with the cry. In this case you need to be aware that all of the babies are crying without reason sometimes and it is part of the natural growing process of the babies. They can cry a lot of times during the day without any particular reason for it. Those tears are hard to handle for every parent, so this is a time for panic in the family. One advice, if you have done check at the doctor and is proven that nothing is wrong with the baby, the next time when starts crying, try to find the best strategy to keep it calm.

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