Why talking about mental health in public is no more a social taboo?

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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

Mental health is quintessential and must not be compromised or ignored for any of the reasons. It indicates that the person being talked about has a working mind without any kinds of mental illnesses and is psychologically well in all aspects. Thus, it comes in the picture “Mental Health Day.” Like other days, it is being talked about in the United States of America and New Zealand. In very simple words, it is a day dedicated to the mental well-being rather a day off from office due to physical illnesses.

Recently, the internet came abuzz when a woman tweeted her boss and informed her teammates that she is taking off for two days in order to pay the much-needed attention to her mental well-being. She said she would get back to work fully refreshed and rejuvenated and would give her 100% in the future projects. Mental Health is a widely talked about the concept in the American states and is given due to importance.

Case of a Michigan-based web developer

In fact, the CEO of her company appreciated her mail and the honesty shown by her to her teammates. Madalyn Parker, a Michigan-based web developer suffering from depression and anxiety recently sent an email to her team informing them about her absence for two days in order to work on her mental health. Her boss appreciated her for her frankness and her willingness to talk on this otherwise taboo subject. He even thanked her for setting an example for others, making them think to take the sick leaves for rejuvenating the mind, and coming back refreshed to the office and gives the best one can.

Mental health is not too different from normal health these days

After this, mental health has been considered as a normal health issue, especially in the typical workplaces wherein people are ready to say that they are sick but not mentally sick. In fact, the CEO feels that the employees for giving their best to the organization and making their work more productive should regularly follow such practices. According to him, jobs these days are not very much the same as they were earlier. Nowadays, the job demands more from a person and thus comes the need for official mental health leaves.

More so the brain should not be treated differently at all as it also needs rest at regular intervals. Like the injured athlete gives him/her a break to recover from the harm, hence, do the employees working in a typical workplace need to do.  The idea of celebrating mental health day must be appreciated for all the right reasons, and people must vote in for the same as and when possible.

To conclude, it is believed that the Americans are in need of these mental health leaves. In fact, they must take this concept forward and spread the same across the globe barring any exceptions of any kind. Mental health must be given the significant importance in any of the workplaces. Sick leaves must be utilized for the same to come out as a totally different person.

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